opened As the judicial process against members of the extreme right-wing “action office middle Rhine”, was it from a quick end. Nine hearing days were scheduled, the matter seemed to be unique. That was seven years ago. After more than 300 appointments, the judge gave at the time. With the first day of the trial this Tuesday before the Landgericht Koblenz has now started the even third attempt to make the Alliance the process. No wonder, then, that the twelfth criminal chamber of the court is under special observation. Because this Time to end the proceedings against the right network with a judgment.

That this has not been achieved, according to the judgment of lawyers, the defenders of the right to exploit the extremists from the “Brown house” in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Germany, the weaknesses of the process order. In 2012, 26 defendants were, among other things, because of membership in a criminal organization in court. Further allegations were to the support of the Association and participation in crimes against members of the left scene. There was the suspicion that the members of the network polymerized by 2009 at the latest radical. However, the procedure had to be terminated after almost five years without trial, because the presiding judge went in Pension. With over a thousand applications, the defence had drawn the process all the fee in the length. This was vehemently criticized, but in the end, the defenders had reached their destination.

the Second process fails after two days,

After the Failure of the first procedure, first, there was nobody who could take over the process. However, the Prosecutor’s office in Koblenz did not want to resign and put in a successful appeal. The process started completely from scratch.

In October 2018 and the first meeting was held. Supplement judge and a Supplement, a re-setting of the procedure should prevent jurors on the basis of new objections on grounds of Bias. But that brought up nothing, because this time there was a dispute within the judiciary. The process was suspended after only two days of negotiations in November 2018. In the court of the Bureau and of the chamber, there were different opinions about whether the right chamber lead the process. Already at that time, only 17 defendants were in the room.

defenders stay with success-mesh

Meanwhile, the number of defendants has shrunk further – 13 more Accused, who have to answer now because of the charge of membership in a criminal Association and attacks on members of the left scene. Some proceedings against members of the action Alliance have been cleaved, some were already spoken sentences. Other processes have been adjusted due to insignificance. In the third start of negotiations are planned for the days until December. Re-replacement of staff is not ready and the presiding judge was still far from Pension age. The indictment, which was read last November, already, must, however, be re-delivered.

ARD-more splitter is running again

How the rights of terrorists, the “Holocaust”broadcast 40 years ago to prevent wanted

By Daniel Wüstenberg

nothing came of it so far. With the beginning of the new process, the old stitch continued. The defense seems determined to follow its previously successful strategy and to cover the court with motions: The presiding judge was biased, the twelfth criminal court was not in charge and to notify the Presidium of the regional court in Koblenz, because it had passed through the chambers 7B and 8B, the maximum allowable number of chambers, in Rhineland-Palatinate dishes. Therefore, the indictment was taken back to the court again organized properly.

Not only in the face of the tough start is to be feared, that will also take the third party proceedings against the rights Alliance. For the defenders it is worth, to play for time, since some of the allegations against the accused will expire soon. Also: “The offence of ‘criminal Association’ is very difficult to prove, at least for the individual offender,” said Thomas Edinger from the German judges Association of Rhineland-Palatinate on Tuesday in the ZDF-“morning magazine”. Each individual defendant must be shown to the membership, and none of the alleged perpetrators show this membership to the outside.

“action office middle Rhine”: “brown stocking”

is At the disposition of the brown Alliance behind the bourgeois façade, connected persons, however, there is hardly a doubt. Because of it some of the accused made at the beginning of the second process is no secret: “brown trump is” stand on a sweater, a T-Shirt called for solidarity with the multiple-convicted Holocaust leugnerin Ursula Haverbeck.

the information provided by the Federal government

neo-Nazis met on several occasions to the Shooting Training abroad


for the First time in public appearances, the right-wing Alliance was entered under the name “action front” in 2004. As prohibition loomed, was changed the Name two years later, in “action office middle Rhine”. As the Central of a dwelling house in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, which was called in reference to the Nazi party headquarters in Munich, the “Brown house”. In 2012, the house was vacated and the trial against the extreme-right Association hard. In the over 900-page-long indictment, the fight against the anti-fascist accused the members of the action Alliance, the organization of para-military training camps, political training, and demonstrations. In addition, in the “Brown house to meet” regularly and in secret with other fellowship leaders under the name of “guide Thing” had taken place. The “action office” active “operated the elimination of the free democratic basic order” and “the establishment of a state, according to the national socialist model”.

sources: AFP, ZDF, Rhein-Zeitung

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