we still Have time for good resolutions? There’s another one, or is it? At least one of the substitutes ‘ bench for the first already broken and the place gehinkten oaths.

My good intention for this year: learn to read.

The wennse you should clarify, otherwise people will just say again: No wonder, as the writes, not reads. More to the point: properly learning to read. Word-for-word. With Understanding, and with all the other side effects.

read in self-defense, and without empathy Meike Winnemuth: to make it short

Meike Winnemuth writes columns, since you can recognize the letters, since 2013, also for the star. Long as they had a colossal inferiority complex compared to authors who can do 900-page Tome. In the meantime, she has resigned to the fact that it is a text Sprinter with short-range brain, and is committed to the Northern German Motto “Not long time”. If she struggles, however, to a proper book, the crazy a Bestseller on how to your travel book “The great Los. How I won with Günter Jauch half a Million and just drove off”.

Because I, like probably many in the habit of a new type of reading. I read not less, rather more – but in a different way. Faster. Cross, diagonally, in zig-zag through the texts. With ten, twelve Tabs open on the computer screen of articles that are of interest to me, for me but actually the lack of time. I often read only the first few rows, jump more, scan the Rest, break off, click more. As you just read in the 21st century. Century: from self-defense. In an attempt to have at least a few drops of the flood of information to absorb. You are standing in the rain and holds out a Cup. Most of the mark goes.

I found the problem, until I read under one of these ten, twelve open Tabs in an article from the British “Guardian”. Hate to read that, because what was there that appealed to me not too – usually a reason to close the Tab, and to devote himself to the next.

The digital, skim the end, the new normal is to be read. The media, which will allow you to read the currently preferred Computer, Smartphone, Tablet, promote and call for Multitasking and processing large amounts of information. The “reading brain”, the neural network, is for our understanding of reading is responsible, is wired straight. So far, so good.

What will stay by cognitive impatience of the flying reading, however, on the track, as several studies have shown, is the ability of logical Thinking, to critical analysis, to empathy, to a Sense of beauty, to develop their own ideas and to rethink. The ability to pretty particular, so what is the basis of civilization and what makes people human.

phew. Not small a number? But the question is interesting: If the patience, and the ability for long texts get lost, for policies, contracts, and the referendum drafts, if we are stupid, or at least listless to read, complicated relationships, contradictions, unheard of, unheard of and also want to understand, then we get a real Problem, also and especially beyond the Written word.

capacity for thick books?

I tend otherwise to ignore the Warner & exhorter, the murmur about so long from the fall of the evening country, such as the evening land exists. But I observe in myself, my capacity for thickness of the rind decreases. I just failed at a 1,250-page novel I wanted to read for my book club. So what I’d inhaled earlier, now I ächze after 200 pages. TL; DR, as always, of Millennials under overlong Posts is clapping, you are replying to anyway, too long, didn’t read.

Use it or lose it, as it is called in the muscle training: What is not used, atrophies. This applies to the Latissimus dorsi in the same way as for patience, attention, dedication, curiosity, inquisitiveness, and all of the other risks and side-effects of long-reading seeds. Indispensable stuff, and that is why I am now back to my 1250 pages.