On a Tuesday morning, Joachim Kuhs sitting at the Desk in his room and explains why he is a good Christian and not a xenophobic right-wing radical. Two hours of the time he takes it. In the living room, has gathered the relationship. Kuhs is a family man. No appearance, in which he mentions his ten children. In the case of his party friends in the AfD well. His wife asks him, if he could not talk about anything else. Kuhs. He then talks about his twelve grandchildren.

Kuhs, gray hair, high forehead, gray Beard, is a friendly man. He says: “With the media, I’ve made mostly good experiences.” A phrase that one seldom hears of AfD officials. It remains unclear whether he means this seriously. On his Facebook profile he shares posts about a “media cartel” and “Hetzmedien” will complained. Kuhs himself writes of the “main stream press”.

Who hits him, witnessed a man who chooses his phrases carefully. The riot rhetoric of Björn Höcke is the fading of the civil service head of unit in the audit office Freiburg foreign. Kuhs says: “I would like to show, that the stigmatisation of the AfD stands on feet of clay.”

he mastered the feat to select his statements in such a way that members of the right edge of the party so that people can identify with. So Kuhs stresses: “There are very strong groups within the party, freedom of expression higher, as the basic law, but as long as we have the Paragraph 130 – and we sure did for a while – we need to do everything possible to avoid a criminalisation.” This is finely formulated intimately. Because the problem of the criminalisation of incitement to hatred and the resulting potential consequences for the AfD is therefore not discrimination. Kuhs says, Höcke, the Overemphasis on the National, but that he wanted to repurpose the AfD “in a social and, almost in a socialist party”. to interrupt him “I have taken, at least in his book,” said Kuhs. the “now, If the suspended people in the East saw in the AfD, a new left – wing party-that would be my AfD.”

expert Bednarz: AfD discrimination contributes to the end positions in Christian Milieus

Liane Bednarz Kuhs called one of the most influential AfD-Christians in this country. For the author of the book “The fear of preachers. How the rights of Christians in society and in the Church walking in”, the 62-year-old Vice-Chairman of the Association “Christians in the AfD” to a group of well-connected believers, the wearing AfD positions in Protestant and Catholic Milieus. Bednarz says: “In many communities, individual members are increasingly willing to take on discriminatory views on homosexuals and Muslims.” Particularly vulnerable are very conservative Catholics and Evangelical Christians both in and outside of the country of the faithful, organized in the free churches, churches, i.e., partly.” Kuhs smiles when he hears something.

“If Mrs. Bednarz says that Christians AfD-take positions, then that makes me happy.” It is important to him: “This is not a hike, but it is the right positions through put.” Kuhs is a community elder and a lay preacher of an independent Anglican Church in Baden-Baden, which follows a strict biblical interpretation.

trade Union calls

police officers in the AfD should be from Höcke and right “wings” disassociate


The pastor of Kuhs‘ free Church, Frederick Haas, held for 2016 a service to the AfD-Federal party conference in Stuttgart. Then the Archbishop’s Consulting announced in Freiburg, the worship space, the Haas and his Church in the Catholic monastery to the Holy sepulchre took advantage of. A spokeswoman for the Archdiocese told the star: “The public appearance of Mr. Haas made the leaders in the Archbishopric of Freiburg, once again aware of the urgent need for a distancing of the bishopric of this Church was called Catholic, but not Catholic.” In addition, Haas’ve been trying Catholic priests for his community to poach, what to speak of all Ecumenical agreements, informs the spokesperson.

Kuhs sees it differently: “As a Bible-believing Church, we had the liberals in Baden-Baden, from the beginning, a difficult Stand; my work for the AfD has not improved this Situation.” So he had come to the Pastor at the gospel house, a free Church congregation of the Pentecostal movement to the worship services of up to 1000 people, a good relationship. But when he wanted to advertise in the gospel house-to his Lawsuit, he got in – contrast to the candidate of the CDU – not a commitment.

armed to the planned AfD-lecture at the gospel house

The Pastor at the gospel house Markus Oppermann. Compared to the star he says: “Kuhs is for me one of the reasonable people in the AfD.” The accusation that he has double standards, back to know he; “politicians are not in the gospel house is always welcome to keep, but to political Speeches, but as guests.” The local CDU member of the German Bundestag have spoken “a word of greeting,” but basically, we do not want political speeches. Whether there were in his parish AfD sympathizers, he did not know.

For Liane Bednarz is no reason to sound the all-clear. “To the outside, the official position of the churches, but also many of the free churches against the right. But within the communities of priest were not afraid to often the argument. Many members of the community not be aware that you to move mentally already in the right environment; they believe that they are still conservative. But where is the border between conservative and right-wing Christians?

Conservative Christians, who insisted, for example, that God planned marriage only between a man and a woman and cannot, therefore, from their point of view a marriage between same-sex couples God’s will, says lawyer Bednarz. It is, therefore, the Institution of marriage. On the right it should be, if the argument address discriminatory against homosexuals. If, for example, AfD-supporters start claiming that homosexuals destroy marriage between and a man and a woman, and notify Germany, because soon, none testifies more children. Or when it is claimed that homosexuals would verschwulen the company “” and children, “early sexual expression”.

similarly, it should be the subject of Islam. Bednarz: “Conservative Christians say that Muslims do not pray to the same God as we do. Allah is not our God. The rights of Christians to speak of the imminent ‘Islamization’ of the society, or to call the Muslims collectively as terrorists.

“Some priest might also have anxiety, the right influence to oppose” suspected Bednarz. “Members of right-wing groups are often very active, start campaigns against Christians, you appear to the left of”, says Bednarz, who sees himself as a conservative Christian. Particularly in the East parish priest feared to lose members of the congregation who sympathized with the AfD. Kuhs says: “If in the East the Church to remember the Prince that the sheep run away, and you are going to deal with our views, then I am pleased.” In the West it was unfortunately different. At least the AfD would read program. Otherwise they would realize that the party is responsible, especially in the family policy of the Christian positions.

AfD-man Kuhs wants to influence, but not paying attention

responding As Kuhs rejection? “I personally consider myself only once. I want to proclaim to other Christians, my message is, stay but the public attention threshold,” he says. “I’m trying to work in writing.” Recently, the second edition of the book “Why Christians AfD select”, issued by Kuhs appeared. In the Preface Kuhs writes: “Christians, Yes AfD should choose, even if many of the Church representatives argue constantly and with growing vehemence to the contrary.”

it was so unsuccessful, as Kuhs suggests, are not his efforts, but apparently. In the gospel the house of Markus Oppermann, many members of the AfD to be positive, what does he know that his book will demand.

the German bishops ‘ conference, is silent on Meeting with AfD representatives

he Proudly reported that the head of the Commissariat of German bishops, Karl Jüsten him and other speakers of the “Christians in the AfD” has received a call. A spokesman for the bishops ‘ conference, confirmed: We will conduct interviews with representatives of the Bundestag and the land parliaments, the political parties represented. What it was during the interview with AfD-man Kuhs, he does not want to tell: “About the content, we do not give any information.” The question is, what is the impact of the AfD on the Church, fails. To do this, you’ve expressed often and well, so the speaker and refers to an almost two-year-old Declaration of cardinal Reinhardt Marx, Chairman of the German bishops ‘ conference. In the explanation of the influence of AfD on the Catholic Church, is not being addressed.

With the pastor of the Lutheran congregation of Baden-Baden, Thomas White, gave it also an “open discussion” , says Kuhs. White recalls: “I invited Kuhs aware of, because I was looking for the confrontation with his positions.” He addressed the conservative family image and the Anti-abortion stance within the AfD, even chauvinism and racism. Kuhs did not understand him, all this is in the party so bad. “It has not crashed this evening, but there was a clear position – on both sides.”

pastor White has found that there are in his parish and in other municipalities of AfD sympathisers. Whether it is a Church membership and the AfD membership is compatible to the Evangelical Church, which is in 2019, prior to the Church elections must be set. The attitude of the 57-Year-old clearly: “I can’t. It is not incompatible.”

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