tanks roll by an artificial moat, soldiers run and seek cover behind the houses have no window panes and how dummies look like – images of a military maneuver of the United Arab Emirates, published by the official Emirates News Agency in April 2018.

The research project #GermanArms, which is worn from the star, “Report of Munich” and the German wave, together with the research office, Lighthouse Reports and the Investigative network Bellingcat, was able to assign these images to a specific place: A exercise town of Al Hamra West of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. On satellite images you can see that here, near an existing military base since at least 2013, a new settlement structure was built, whose construction seems to be completed in 2017, to a large extent.

Here is a picture of 2013:

Fullscreen ©Screenshot to Google Earth

And here is the state in 2017:

Fullscreen ©Screenshot to Google Earth

Various evidence that it is the location of the combat training centre (GÜZ), for the German armaments group Rheinmetall sold in the past few years, the Emirati military technology. So far, it was unknown where this center is located. The images on the Video, the Al Hamra you can assign the same very artificial digitised exercise city Schnöggersburg the German army North of Magdeburg. For you, Rheinmetall also supplies the control electronics for 2016 and 2020, the value of 24 million Euro. The System allows soldiers to fire instead of live ammunition with laser beams, with which the virtual training set and then recorded by Sensors, and in a command center can be evaluated. “The System is able to distinguish accurately whether a soldier slightly injured, severely injured, or even fatally was struck,” said a Rheinmetall employees on the page deutschesheer.de .

search report

So, we are off the coast of Yemen in Germany, built ships of war

Hans-Martin Tillack

Also found the soldiers on the Video from Al Hamra (0:38 in the Video) don’t shoot with live ammunition, it is clear to see. Most recently, the Federal government had approved the Rheinmetall group for “parts and components” for a “mobile combat training center” in March of 2017, exports to the UAE in the world of 34.7 million euros, and a Further exports of 8.4 million for the same purpose and the same recipient country. Berlin in November 2016 waved through The power of 43 million euros. Already in 2010, the government gave the green light for exports to the Emiratis for a “combat training center” and related goods, for about 80 million Euro. The manufacturer’s name had not placed the government here, however, is open.

Rheinmetall had questions of the research project #GermanArms to the exercise centre to be answered. The Rheinmetall technology is used in Al Hamra, but also on what one of the employees of the company are listed on the career portal LinkedIn as a job site. He was as an electrical engineer since may of 2018 for Rheinmetall for a “Tactical Engagement Simulation System” in the “Al Hamra Military Base” in the UAE, he revealed. He installed seems to have simulation technology to military vehicles, such as the – French main battle tanks Leclerc and German motors stocked – as well as for BMP-tanks that come from Russian production, and G6 howitzers that have imported to the UAE from South Africa.

And already in the year 2017, a Rheinmetall-Manager said in an Interview that the company had submitted a Anfgebot for the “modernization” of the shooting object in Al Hamra. You have presented “a comprehensive approach”.

images from the exercise city

The concept had convinced the Emiratis, obviously. Your troops for 2015, the Bulk of the land forces, the use of the Saudi Arabia-led Koaltion in the civil war, the country of Yemen.



The business of war

in Spite of all the denials of the Federal government: The coalition of the Saudis and Emiratis supplied war ships, weapons, stations, and tank technology in Yemen uses from Germany. The research of the star-backed research Alliance #GermanArms documents.

Of Hans-Martin Tillack

Concrete evidence for the Training of certain later in Yemen deployed troops in the Rheinmetall center in Al Hamra, there is not so far. But on the pictures from the exercise city from April 2018, you will see on the roof of one of the houses not only the crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, but also the chief of the General staff of the UAE General Hamad Mohammed Thani Al Rumaithi.

in April of 2016, he was in Yemen to visit his troops at the Ryan International Airport in Mukalla on the southern coast of the country. And at least three of the weapons systems, the Rheinmetall-technician in Al Hamra cared for according to their own statements – the Leclerc, and BMP-tanks such as the G6 howitzer – you can see on the Videos by the use of the Emirati troops from the Yemen.

More about the research you read in the new star, on Thursday (28.02.) appears .

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