Not even the Survivors of Parkland have made it. Week electric, they symbolised the country, played by talk shows and town hall rounds, attracted hundreds of thousands to the streets to demonstrate for stricter gun laws. And at the end of the powerful U.S. gun lobby won. It is still in a few countries of the world easier to get a gun than in the USA.

And, at least under the current President, presumably also in the foreseeable future, nothing will change here. “You’re my friends, you can believe me”, said the US President in 2017 as a speaker at a Congress of the powerful gun lobby, the NRA. However, all of the predecessors not dared either to this sensitive issue, or failed with your attempts for stricter laws miserably.

And although many of the most devastating firearms-attacks of all time have been committed in the United States. About the attack on a Church in Sutherland Springs in 2017, with 26 deaths, the shootings at the Sandy Hook elementary school (2012, 27 Deaths), and a University in Virginia in 2007 (32 Dead), the attack on a night club in Orlando (2016, 49 Deaths), and the massacre at a concert in Las Vegas (2017, 58 Dead). After all these horrible acts, there were public debates in the United States, after all these terrible deeds changed nothing to very little.

Australia and the USA show how to make it better

is That it need not be so, prove Australia and new Zealand. In Australia in 1996, was a 28-Year-old by the tranquil Port Arthur dragged and was killed with two rapid-fire guns 35 people, including a three – and a six-year-old girl. The carnage led in record time to a drastic tightening of gun laws: Twelve days later adopted in Australia, the “National Firearms Agreement”. An important part of the buying and the destruction of 600,000 guns in the country, what are the weapons of households in the country nearly halved. In addition, full – and semi-automatic assault rifles and semi-automatic shotguns generally prohibited and a licensing system for all firearms was introduced.

Jacinda Ardern

“This is leadership”: the Prime Minister conquered to Christchurch stop a lot of the heart


Nearly 23 years later, new Zealand can now prove that such terrible events can lead to changes in the law – immediately. A racist shot and killed in Christchurch on Friday, 50 people in two mosques. On Monday the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced stricter weapons regulations, “should as quickly as possible”. Their coalition, it was agreed. Details to follow within the next ten days. In the Pacific state you may have yet to a Review already with the age of 16 weapons. The assassin has since 2017, a new Zealand firearms license. At least four of his murder weapons, and ammunition, he ordered legally over the Internet.