to Ensure that at the end of all the pages with empty hands there, even the otherwise so mäkeligen journalists full of praise for their President. It had been a good and sensible decision, the summit inconclusive. Donald Trump have proven to be the backbone of the U.S. interests, it said. A few members of the media remembered his now legendary phrase, “Sometimes you have to go” to Ronald Reagan and his famous departure in 1986. At the time, the then-US President broke off disarmament talks with Soviet chief Mikhail Gorbachev – only to some time later, a historic agreement to negotiate. Donald Trump would have made everything right. . He would have been silent.

Donald Trump: disappointed but not

From disillusioned To the top of Hanoi, a U.S. President stood before the press, was noticeably disappointed, but not disillusioned. He spoke of his continued good relation to the North Korean dictator, that’s more than a few days before. But that he could not just fulfil the demands of the North Koreans after a full lifting of sanctions – at least as long as the to abandon completely its nuclear program. The attitude is understandable, Trump wanted to leave on the table.

Only it didn’t have to come to this. North Korea’s tough stance toward the nuclear program have bites of other U.S. President with the teeth. Maybe that was the reason why Trump not had the nerve after that and point the Finger at the perceived culprit. US-North Korean summit may fail because the situation is highly complicated as a high explosive. This pragmatic approach was much appreciated. But then he couldn’t take the time to Tweet and a crack with a few lines, for which he was praised because of the silence.

“New low point in American politics”

On Sunday, he accused the Opposition, the hearing of his Ex-lawyer Michael Cohen at the same time as the talks in Hanoi, scheduled to the summit of the course adversely affected. “You could have contributed to the ‘finish’ with,” tweeted Trump. “This is something nobody has done yet, while the President is abroad. Shame!” Further, he wrote: “the fact That the Democrats listen to it in public session, a convicted liar and a cheat, the same time as the very important nuclear summit, with North Korea, is perhaps a new low in American politics.” With “departure,” to he played on the record, with the he himself had declared, in Hanoi, the demolition of the summit: “Sometimes you have to go.”

To Meet in Vietnam

Who is to blame for the Failure? North Korea wants to, it was not – and contradicts Trump


so, again, one of these debt assignments, the work would be the US President of its own failings to distract. The could, for example, have insisted that the Americans had traveled with a half-baked strategy to Vietnam, presumed to be about the “New York Times”: On the one hand, a minimum consensus outgoing real politicians from the Ministry of foreign Affairs, on the other hand, the highly optimistic Donald Trump, believed his negotiating skills and his relationship with Kim Jong-Un would rock the child. It is a false evaluation.

North Korea reichert undeterred, uranium

Probably will also be the first in many months, whether the Hanoi summit was rather a failure, or only a negotiated deferred Triumph as the Reagan-Gorbachev Meeting in 33 years ago. There should be a third summit, for which South Korea has come to his mediation offered, to be able to say all parties Involved: See, we at least talk again. Otherwise, if there is no top-level talks more what it looks like currently. According to the International atomic energy Agency, IAEA, North Korea enriches undeterred uranium. This stands in contradiction to what Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump announced at their first Meeting, even if only vaguely. In other words: None of the Meetings between the two has also brought the hint of progress.

sources: “The Hill”, “New York Times”, “New York magazine”