There are people who can’t lose. And there are those who are bad winners. Donald Trump is both the one and the other. After a week, which was really good for him, would have been the US President in the splendor of his can do More-or-less suns acquittal in the Russia affair. But he is not the type, of the triumphs savours. “If Trump has reached the summit, he scratched both up as well as self-destructive,” writes the US magazine “Politico” about the character, to take the Wind out of the sails. The last days of this miracle to confirm the business nature.

“party of health care,”

just as US special investigator Robert Mueller had his Russia-report submitted, felt the U.S. President was strong enough, the controversial health care reform predecessor, Barack Obama is finally to be abolished. Through “Obamacare” has fallen, the number of people without health insurance significantly, on the other hand, the contributions rise very sharply. Recently, a court had recommended that the health care reform because of constitutional concerns to be abolished. This template took advantage of Trump, a better supply system to announce. “The Republican party will soon be the party of health care to be known,” he said.

Problem: There is not even a draft for the Reform of the insurance. Another Problem: The party, sees the advance of your President’s critical. According to the news page “Axios” is said to have advised the party leader in the house of representatives Trump, the theme to pursue. Not only because the Republicans darstünden currently blank, but also because the call for Obamacare to be abolished in the past as poisonous have been proven. In the interim election in November 2018, before all the candidates had been successful, had health insurance concepts of Europe. So many Democrats, but few Republicans. “The Mueller report, felt great, and then Trump comes in and covers you with the Obamacare thing,” as quoted by the “Axios” a contrite conservatives.

Adam ship with Donald-Trump-payroll

Rather backfired also Trumps attempt, the hated Adam Schiff, house intelligence Committee Chairman of the house of representatives was move to resign. The two lead longer a kind of private war and the ship was there, the Trump had always assumed that Russia worked together. Because of the Mueller report provided no evidence, had Trump and other leading Republicans ship requested in writing to resign. A TV appearance to do so he used a strongly-worded counter-speech, in which he in detail explained why the President was relieved from the special investigator, “complete”, like Trump (contrary to reality) claims.

financial investigations

the Tricks of The Contractor: How to Trump his Empire to demand inflated or contracted

Karl Rove, an influential adviser to former President George W. Bush, is also annoyed that Donald Trump is riding a notion on the subject of Russia-investigations, instead of the files. Since the appearance of the Mueller-summary he has thought about on several occasions, according to the masterminds for the investigations to track down and drag to the “responsibility” – as if the investigation was a targeted conspiracy, and not a legitimate investigation by the Federal police. In a guest post for the Wall Street Journal, Rove wrote, therefore, slightly unnerved: “Let Robert Mueller behind, Mr President. On to important things: the economy, the pain crisis, things that swing voters are important.”

Includes Trump, the border to the USA? +++ Trump-Ticker +++

Mueller report

Tremble for Trump: Mueller report to be published in April, almost completely


The booming economy is one of the few areas that Donald Trump is also credited by his critics. But it is the first signs of a slowdown are increasing. And in the middle of the wall, expectant mood, announces Donald Trump to close the border to Mexico. Reason, another of his favorite topics: illegal immigration. “Our capacities are exhausted and we are no longer taking Illegal. The next step is to close the border,” said the US President. Thus, not only the passenger traffic on one of the most state boundaries of the world frequented, but also of the trade – with incalculable economic consequences. Chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney said the government was in fact worried about the potential economic impact. However, the concerns about security are greater.

For Trumps biographer Michael D’antonio is Trumps habit, the need to constantly open up new barrels, to explain it simply: The President is not interested in things like art, food or friendship. The only thing that’s motivating him, “conflicts reignite. Bring him to the attention of the other,” he told “Politico”. For many Americans, this type is still not good. In spite of the (partial)discharge through the Mueller Report, trump’s popularity figures have increased only marginally. Just 44 percent of the U.S. citizens with his administration happy. According to a survey of non-commercial broadcasters NPR and PBS do not want to currently want to choose only 35 per cent definitely not, while 54 percent want to definitely.

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