Sometimes a pensioner interfere again in their former work, and you wish to, you could have just kept a NAP. In the case of Benedict XVI, for example, our former Pope. Actually, the promised, had to stay in his retirement “hidden to the world“. This promise he has now broken. Unfortunately.

The 91-Year-old thought it was a good idea, in the Bavarian “clergy sheet,” his opinion of the abuse allegations in the Catholic Church. What he gives in his essay, is hard to beat in the world, strangeness, lack of respect and contempt for human life – and stands for everything what’s going on in the Catholic Church is wrong.

When it comes to Benedict, it is absolutely clear who is in the abuse cases, debt: the late sixties, the sexual Revolution. Belonged to “the freedoms that wanted to fight for the Revolution of 1968, this total sexual freedom, which allowed no standards,” he criticizes. Belonged to “the physiognomy of the’ 68 Revolution, that now it is also pedophilia as allowed and as appropriate to was diagnosed.”

essay of Ex-Pope

Benedict makes it ‘ 68 for sexual abuse in the Catholic Church


The former Pope wants to return to, quite obviously, the time before that. The time, in which homosexuality is punishable, in the unmarried couples not having Sex could have and in it in General, not became to take the word Sex in the mouth.

3677 minors by clergy abuse

not So unrealistic its view is, is really surprising. Because in the achtundsechzi like what is happening in the Church under Benedict for many years, happened exactly: The people broke their Silence. They coveted, and were liberated from sexual repression. No wonder that Benedict does not like the. Not only because he represents the rigid sexual morality of the fifties. He was the Pope who remained inactive for years, although his term of office came to light, that spiritual children have needs all over the world miss.

The Church was “defenseless,“ says Benedict. “The absence of God” was to have ensured that “pedophilia have reached such a level“. The 91-Year-old knows exactly how many are devout among the perpetrators. The Numbers speak for themselves.

Between 1946 and 2014 in Germany for at least 1670 Catholic spiritual 3677 minor miss. This has resulted in 2018 by the German bishops ‘ conference ordered a study on child abuse in the Catholic Church. More than half of the victim was, at the time of the murder at just 13 years old. One in six has been raped. According to the study, only one-third of the offenders had a Church legal process. And: the accused, four of the clergy were still in office.

at the very latest as Benedict in his Text, “called the absence of God“ as the reason for pedophilia, it would have been so desirable, the 91-Year-old would have been filled with his pen rather Sudoku puzzles. But his essay goes further.

Pope: “children and young people

threaten to destroy” The Catholic moral theology would collapse, writes Benedict. You know, with “vibration, that of our children and young people things happen that threaten to destroy them.“ Benedict is right. Things are happening that threaten to destroy young people. But this is not one to live in a sexually enlightened and free society. Belongs to realize that other young people are in need of spiritual abuse. Maybe in your own city, your own village. Perhaps of the Catholic Pastor who has baptized himself.

Fortunately, not all of the spiritual as a reality-resistant as Benedict. Under his successor Pope Francis is a change announces itself slowly. Recently, Pope Francis had invited to a abuse summit in the Vatican. He set the rules for the protection of children against sexual abuse for the Vatican state – and called, among other things, the power structures of the Church as reasons for the abuse cases.

it Almost feels pity for the 91-Year-old

Benedict looks obviously different. In the case of the irritating arguments, which he heads, develops last, almost pity for this 91-Year-old, the reality rushes past, apparently, for years.

no one expects Benedict, that he produces a Sex column for Snapchat. Of a former Pope must not be too much to ask that he belittles cases of abuse in their own Institution. If the Church has not changed her to the core of destroyed structures and the presence adapts to it, it will alienate more and more people.

Because anyone who reads the essay of the former Pope, the question may remain as to the why Benedict has not kept rather use a midday sleep: so Why should a Christian man in an Institution, such a backward and questionable world-view represents?

sources: Vatican News, MHG-study, Reuters


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