It is blowing at ten to eight, and on the Hamburg gänsemarkt, a cutting Wind. Very occasional freeze, groups of pupils and hold cardboard plaques with environmental protection slogans. Be surrounded by more than a dozen camera crews, photographers, radio reporters, and concerned parents. You could think that The much heralded climate protection Demo with the Swedish guest star Greta Thunberg is a pure media event. Head of climate activists.

ten minutes later, it is clear: in Germany students are on time – even with a Demo: How on the imaginary ringing of a school bell you stream five minutes before half past Nine, the official start, from the surrounding streets and subway tunnels. In minutes, the place with thousands of students filling. Many look around, surprised: So many of us are there? Some of them are only nine or ten, and according to excited. It’s your first Demonstration. And then during the school time.

But no one makes the usual student nonsense, around kicks with anything, playing catch, or staring out of the phone. The mood is serious, almost grown-up: duty to be aware of you keep your self-painted signs: “The dinosaurs thought they had time.” Or: “Why learn for a world that no longer exists soon”.

pupils of its Demo

is against the strike, complained of the absence from school, school failure. Hours of learning, so apparently the fear of lost children.

Paul Ziemiak

Shitstorm with the message: CDU General Secretary is not a climate activist Greta Thunberg

But who is watching the students experience something else: As more and more students on the goose market – it is now 8.35 PM –spills the crowd suddenly on the adjacent main road. The police, with demonstrations, in this place, it locks immediately. The students look amazed, surprised by their Power: all of a Sudden you have displaced the car. And the police protects you, not scare you. Officials smile at the students.

You can really conquer represented liberated to watch, as a Generation discovered your theme, from their car-driving parents, learns to have an opinion, thus the public space. The climate change which is felt in all of the Young demonstrators, is a topic that really moves them. To mobilize one that has the power. No one on this cold Morning, as he cocks the school.

The schools should be proud of

you can Probably learn the participants of the student demonstration in these moments more than you would in six normal school hours in a heated class room learning. On freedom of expression, political Engagement, and of course climate change, but also about the role of the police or the media. Many give their first Interviews.

The students are marching now to the town hall of Hamburg, a piece of ripe. People often complain that they drift in virtual worlds. Here you act in the real. Your schools should be proud of such a committed student. And you should not follow the school strike with punitive measures, but in the classroom. As an example of how you can engage for a better society.