The Australian George Pell was one of the most powerful men in the Roman Catholic Church. In 2003, he was in the College of cardinals called to elect, among other things, the Pope. In 2014, Pope Francis made him the chief financial officer of the Vatican. The 77-Year-old was also a member of the so-called C9-Kardinalsrat, a panel of advisors of Pope Francis. A career, as in the book.

But in 2017, the depth of the case of the clergy began. Because of continuing allegations of abuse, he had to leave his Offices leave of absence. Pell was accused in the 1990s of two 13-year-old boy passed. At the time, he was Archbishop of Melbourne.

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One of the victims of George Pell 2015 testified

In June 2015, a man came into the Victoria Police centre and explained to the Deputy Sergeant Christopher Reed, he was at the end of the 1990s by the then Archbishop of Melbourne, George Pell, been abused. Such as “CNN” reported, Pell caught him and his friend at the time, in the sacristy of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Then Pell had forced him to have oral sex, and the other boys are also sexually harassed. A few months later, he pressed one of the two children again.

The boys were students of the renowned St. Kevin’s College in Melbourne. One of the two Heroin died in 2014 of a drug Overdose. The other was after many years of silence, finally, in 2015, to the police, and said now in the process. Previously, the first procedure was burst because could not agree with the jury.

It does not have beset were the first accusations against Pell, children. However, it was the only Time that the claims of a victim have led to a process and a conviction. Years of police work, including the investigations by a special Task Force, which served only for the investigation of claims against the cardinal, led to a conviction of a 77-Year-old.

The decision of the court against the Curia, the cardinal was already in December of last year, has so far been kept under lock and key. Due to an order of the court was not allowed to be reported about it. On Tuesday, the justice annulled the news blackout. Previously, the prosecution had decided not to pursue in a further process, other allegations, which date back even further.

the defense has appealed

bail is Pell still on the loose. This Wednesday he must appear, however, to a further date in court. His detention could be decided. The defense has already filed an appeal. His lawyer, Paul Galbally, said: “cardinal Pell has always protested his innocence. He also makes still.” In addition, his client will make no further explanations.

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Almost-Pope, or child molesters – who is the man, whose process no one is allowed to report?

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Nevertheless, Pell is now the most senior clerics in the history of the Catholic Church, has ever been convicted of child abuse. The amount of the penalty is yet to be determined. Pell up to 50 years in prison.

The Catholic Church for years, with numerous abuse scandals in many countries have to face. This also includes allegations of a far-reaching cover-up. Only on Sunday a multi-day crisis summit on the topic of child had gone to the Vatican for abuse to end.

Pope Francis had assured at the conclusion of the meeting, the Church will in the future pursue each individual case with “the utmost seriousness”. A priest, the need for a child abuser, was a “tool of Satan”. Specific measures the Pope announced.

source: “CNN”