she feels more Scottish than Danish, has spent nearly her whole life in the UK. Now Tove MacDonald not know how it is for you to go on. Because the 87-year-old grandmother from Scotland, afraid of the consequences of the Brexits, the on 29. March is to be executed. Tove is originally Danish. As an EU citizen from abroad, is obliged, for the British Ministry of the interior to register in order to apply for the further stay in the UK. There it is decided who will stay and who will be forced to the Brexit to leave the country.

Tove has an eventful life: she was Born in Copenhagen under the occupation of national socialist Germany. There, she met in 1959 your man. Only a year later, she moved with him to Scotland. Today, Tove has two children and five grandchildren. Since 59 years, she lives in Scotland and never had problems regarding their immigration status – until now.

“I’ve always thought that Britain was fantastic,”

A British passport Tove MacDonald: “I only have a Danish passport, because it was not necessary to get another passport, when I got married.”, the Pensioner said the Scottish channel stv. She has only an insurance card. In order to apply as a non-British EU citizen – with the result that they must, in the course of the Brexits with the national authorities to register. Something you had to previously.

Brexit-the Minister wants to do exit interviews over the finish line


“I love Scotland, I love the landscape here. I think it is a wonderful country. I love the people, the people are so friendly. Just wonderful people.”, you told in an Interview with stv. Now she looks a little different: “I’ve always thought that Britain was fantastic. I’m afraid that it is so because of the Brexits. You want to leave everything behind, what has been built up between us.”

registration for EU citizens is required

you must register now, you sad: “I feel very, very bad about it. (…) I thought they all knew about me. I don’t understand why I should register.” But for it to remain in the United Kingdom, it must register with the authorities. “I thought the could not vote, because I have lived so many years here.”

Tove MacDonald is one of more than 200,000 people in Scotland are EU citizens, but not British, reported stv. According to the present plans of the government in London, around 185,000 people in Scotland do not have a British or Irish passport to apply for a residence status in the Kingdom, if you want to stay after 2021 still live there. Throughout the Kingdom there are around three million people.

Tove MacDonald is a political issue

The fate of the Tove and also many other EU citizens in Scotland and the Rest of the UK – in the country for discussions in the policy. Scotland’s head of government, Nicola Sturgeon was in an uproar on Twitter: “When I see this, I feel equally sad and angry. Tove, a native Dane, has been living for 59 years in Scotland and asks this reasonable question: ‘Why do I have to with 87 register?’ The answer is ‘Brexit’. Tove, this is your home, Scotland wants you here.”

Even in the British house of Commons in London Tove MacDonald is part of the Brexit debate. A member of the Scottish national party SNP addressed his question directly to the Prime Minister, Theresa May: “Tove has built her life. The Prime Minister May, why should register Tove, having lived almost 60 years in Scotland? It is a heart-loose policy.” May replied, to remain EU citizens as Mrs MacDonald, who have longer than five years, lived continuously in the country, the law would have. Even if you can shake their registration, only with the head, will Tove to take the “naturalization”-the hardships, in order to remain in Scotland: “I have nowhere else to go. This is my home.”

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