If the Federal government invites Central for political education (BpB) in the coming days in Leipzig to the Federal Congress, was supposed to occur Philipp Ruch as a speaker. The event stands under the Motto “What moves us. Emotions in politics and society” – and the head of the artist collective, the centre for political beauty was already scheduled as a speaker. But last week, step Horst Seehofer’s Ministry of the interior, the BpB is under the Ministry. The artist received a Letter, available to the star. The clear message: streams shall not occur.

As a reason for the Ministry at the star-request is called a “running process” against Ruch. Also in the rejection of Ruch States: “As state authority, it is for us to avoid, directly or possibly indirectly, on a running procedure act”. But Ruch is not aware of any investigation. “Against me, no court procedure is currently running,” he says of the star.

adopt, the Ministry of the interior appearance ban


setback for Björn Höcke: The “monument of shame” is art

According to the information of Ruch have resisted the Federal centre at the beginning, yet against his removal as speaker until a written decree of the interior had followed the Ministry to the projection of the action artist. On the star request, the press Secretary of the Federal centre for political education, Daniel Kraft announced the Background, especially the controversial art of action “Soko Chemnitz”.

“events like this contribute to a further polarization of the political debate to advance and to make a division of the company’s feed,” writes force on the star request, “the invitation of the head of the center for political beauty could be understood against this Background as a state-funded legitimacy of the methods of the centre for political beauty.” In the case of the action of the centre for political beauty with photos and posters on one site had called to identify the suspected neo-Nazis.

#dietoten come

Weggekehrte graves for the Queen

Anna-Beeke Meier, Ruch, Grete: “not worthy of A democracy”

Ruch is shown irritated: For the 38-Year-old, there is no legitimate explanation for the appearance of prohibition. To want to be “an artist, politically silenced, is not worthy of a democracy.“ The projection is censorship. “Something like this simply must not happen.“ Also in the countries following the intervention of the Federal Ministry of the interior, with interest: “Political education must be independent and controversial, sometimes even uncomfortable for the Ruling. Such interference of the Ministry is a scandal,” says Christian Meyer-Heidemann, the state Commissioner for political education in Schleswig-Holstein.

The artist collective, the centre for political beauty is caught in the past with controversial actions as “refugees eat”, or the Erection of a Holocaust monument in front of the house of the AfD-politician Björn Höcke attention. The actions were always controversial. “The mirror” called the center for Political beauty “escalation officer”. Ruch described the Background of his art once with the words: “morality must hurt”.