Artificial intelligence (AI) is intended to help investigators to cope with the flood of data to child pornography. Today, the North Rhine-Westphalian justice Minister Peter biesenbach (CDU) is presenting in Düsseldorf, a joint research project with hardware and Software developers Microsoft.

child pornography in addition to weapons and drugs, the main crime field in the hidden part of the Internet, the so-called Darknet.

Artificial intelligence is designed to help child pornography to filter out from the flood of images in the network to recognize faces of perpetrators and Victims, to separate the known from the unknown actors, and to relieve the investigator.

NRW-Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU) had recently puts the drama of the unequal struggles between Pedo-Criminals in the network and the lack of resources by the investigators on the basis of sobering Figures. Accordingly, only twelve percent were of approximately 1900 procedures, the abuse, or child pornography, were in the middle of June in NRW due to the suspicion of child pending in the evaluation. Alone, 557 Search warrants awaiting execution.

“The authorities do not manage to be the huge amounts of data, sir,” said the Minister of the interior. According to the information of the NRW-rod against child pornography, a case worker can see on average 500 images in an hour. If the crime is complex, it’s the unimaginable amount of three petabytes.

the investigators complain about the virtually non in the handle to get the end degree of investigative work in the area of child pornography, had in April 2017, the called Central office Cybercrime NRW (ZAC) on the Plan. The Prosecutor’s office of Cologne-based centre of expertise, according to the government of the nation’s biggest Cybercrime unit of the judiciary. It has acquired cooperation partners and presents the results of the developments.

In North Rhine-Westphalia and far beyond the case of Lügde most recently caused a sensation and outrage in the Public. At the end of January of a hundred times the sexual abuse of children came to a campsite at the border to lower Saxony to light, then breakdown in to the authorities resulted in new headlines.

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