The main messages in summary:art collector Frieder Burda is dead (11.32 p.m.)Federal sold the discarded U-boat for 400,000 euros (10.50 PM)to take children by car to his heels, the police will stop you after 1000 miles (8.06 PM), exports to Russia rise despite sanctions easily (5.19 PM)Verdi calls for strike to Amazon’s day of action (3.45 am)

the news of The day:

+++ at 13:59: The fire in the sauna club: homicide investigation for arson +++

After the deadly fire in a sauna club on the lower Rhine, a murder in the Commission of the city of Duisburg, police determined sequence on suspicion of arson with death. The cause of the fire is still unclear, informed the public Prosecutor and the police on Monday. Experts assured traces of the site of the fire in Hamminkeln.

One dead after fire

Sauna-the way to take visitors to fire the water hose to wet themselves


employees of the club had called in the night to Sunday the fire Department. In the building, the rescuers found a lifeless 64-Year-olds. Attempts to resuscitate the man were unsuccessful.

Yet during the fire, the three men took off at the age of 23, 34 and 42 years – apparently guests of the Clubs – the fire brigade with a hose and splattered with water. The police intervened and took the men out for a night in custody. You have to expect Ads due to a disability by assisting people.

+++ 13.48 PM: Stegner to defend planned no. of the Leyen in the European Parliament +++

The Deputy SPD Chairman Ralf Stegner has defended the announcement of the SPD members of the European Parliament to vote in the election of the new European Commission boss against Ursula von der Leyen. “The pressure in the direction of the SPD on this issue is strange,” said Stegner. His party’s anti-reproach behavior of European far-fetched. “We have EPP leading candidate, Manfred Weber did not fail.” These were “his own troops”. Impact on the continued existence of the Grand coalition in Berlin, he but do not see.

Stegner described the German defence Minister as “a passionate European”. However, you have to run neither in the European election, nor have you convinced, for example, in the case of the refurbishment of the sail training ship of the Navy. “There must, then, go a bit longer than the Gorch Fock.” The CDU politician should reach in the election this Tuesday the necessary majority, would Europe survive this but “good”. You through the case in the choice, “not the European Union”.

+++ 13.45 PM: Theresa May condemned trump’s Twitter attacks on US policy-internal +++

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, the Twitter attacks by US President Donald Trump on US politicians sharply condemned. Trumps request of several U.S. congressmen, the Democrats, in the countries of origin of their families to return to, was “totally unacceptable”, said a spokesman for Mays on Monday.

Outrageous Statements

Trump calls for democratic politicians, in their “countries of origin” and return

President Trump rages on Twitter against the politicians of the Democrats. You should prefer to return to the countries of origin of their families, to explain to him how the United States should be governed. The Democrats fire back, of course.


Trump, and May have not a good relationship to each other. The US President makes no secret of the fact that he finds Mays rate in terms of Brexit wrong. In a series of short messages, he attacked the British Prime Minister recently on Twitter. In it, he welcomed, among other things, her early departure from the office: “The good news is that for the wonderful United Kingdom is that it will soon have a new Premier,” wrote Trump.

+++ 13.29 PM: Russian secret service lifts the terror cell attacks planned +++

In southern Russia, security forces have a group with alleged Links to the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS) lifted. The leader of the group were killed and two more members near the city of Rostov-on-Don have been arrested, informed the Russian domestic intelligence service the FSB on Monday.

As the special forces wanted to make the men have opened the main suspect in the fire on the policemen. Shortly after, the car exploded, it said.

About the identity of the men with Russian citizenship, little was initially known. She had prepared according to FSB information, several attacks in the Region. Particularly in the South of Russia and in the North Caucasus criminal gangs, and Islamists are fighting against the Central government. Also, the IS recruited in the Region of pendant.

+++ 13: 28: “Castrate and throw them into the sea”: the state of protection is determined, due to the Tweet of the AfD +++

The AfD in the Saarland town of St. Wendel has been taken care of with a revolting Tweet for horror. In the message, the speech, the “castrated” and thrown into the sea should be, a police spokesman said of the “foreign predators”. The “Saarbrücker Zeitung” and the Saarländische Rundfunk (SR) had previously reported about it. The state protection test now, because of what crimes exactly determined, so the speaker.

the author of The message have been looking after the Social Media channel, told the St. Paul AfD-district Chairman Edgar Huber. The man was now stepping out of the party and, thus, the exclusion came before. Huber has distanced itself from the Tweet and called him “inhuman”. He had only learned on Saturday of the last Wednesday disposed of a Twitter message.

+++ 13.10 PM: Von der Leyen touts new Commitments to support for their candidacy +++

Ursula von der Leyen advertises with new Commitments on issues such as climate change and the rights of Parliament to support in the upcoming election for President of the EU Commission. In an eight-page Letter to the European social Democrats announced on Monday a new initiative to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases. It aims to provide, by 2030, a reduction in emissions of up to 55 per cent and thus well above the previous plans to go out.

With a view to social democratic demands that the CDU-politician promises, the legal requirements for EU-to-wide enforcement of fair minimum wages create. It also ensures, for a stronger role of the Parliament in the EU legislative process. Specifically, the long-standing demand of the mentioned here Members of a right of Initiative in legislative projects.

+++ 12.31 PM: Flixbus driver due to “Mein Kampf”Tattoo +++

locked Because of a right-wing Tattoos on the forearm, a Flixbus not allowed to drive a driver for the transportation company ( reported). The company announced on Monday in Munich. The man had worn on the Arm with the inscription “Mein Kampf”. This is the title of this ideological, inflammatory pamphlet the national-socialist terror ruler Adolf Hitler.

coach companies

Because of “Mein Kampf”Tattoo: FlixBus Italian bus driver

suspended A photo makes on Twitter for excitement: It’s supposed to show an Italian bus driver on Board a FlixBus bus “has tattooed My fight” on his Arm. The company then pulled the consequences.

+++ 12.19 PM: London is for de-escalation in the conflict with Iran will be a +++

Before a Meeting with his EU colleagues in Brussels, the British foreign Minister, Jeremy Hunt, for a de-escalation in the conflict with Iran. Hunt called on Monday in the short message service Twitter is a “reduction of tensions with Iran”. The action of the government in Tehran was “highly destabilizing”. The desire of the British government to go but then, “to reduce tensions and to exacerbate”. Hunt referred to the Iranian oil Tanker “Grace 1”. The ship was on 4. July off the coast of the British overseas territory of Gibraltar has been stopped.

At the Meeting of EU foreign Ministers in Brussels should it go on Monday, among other things, the Iranian-back high-driven uranium enrichment. In view of the growing tensions between Washington and Tehran, Germany, France and great Britain had on Sunday called on together to the end of the escalation in the dispute over the nuclear agreement with Iran.

+++ 11.51: After plane crash, to run with nine dead – investigations in Sweden +++

After the fatal crash of a small plane with parachutists runs in Sweden, the search for the causes. The machine was crashed on early Sunday afternoon near the airfield of the University city of Umeå in the North of the country. To make matters worse for the investigators is that there were on Board no Black Box. As the Swedish parachute Association announced that the nine dead, eight parachutists and the pilot.

recordings of eye-witnesses showed how the sport plane crashed trudelnd and with the nose forward in the direction of the ground. The investigators were asked to report the find of possible Remains of the aircraft immediately to the authorities. It is believed that the search for the cause could take up to a year. Such a serious plane crash has not taken place in Sweden since 30 years.

+++ 11.50 am: the majority of the CDU candidate in Saxony coalition rejects with AfD +++

45 of 60 CDU direct candidate for the state election in Saxony, refuse a coalition with the AfD. The findings of a survey of the group “the future of Saxony”. The Initiative had asked the politician, whether they exclude a coalition with the AfD. 45 replies had yet been received, said the spokesman of the group, Sascha Kodytek in Leipzig. From all of the rejection to the coalition, it was emerged with the introduction of the AfD.

+++ 11.49 PM: Telecom is not allowed to operate offer “StreamOn” in the present Form +++

Deutsche Telekom is not allowed to run your offer “StreamOn” to Stream music and Video in its current Form. The higher administrative court of North Rhine-Westphalia downgraded in a Monday decision published parts of the tender as unlawful, and thereby confirmed a decision of the administrative court of Cologne.

streaming service loses series and movies

Netflix stands with his back to the wall

By Christoph Fröhlich

“StreamOn” is an additional offer for Telekom mobile telephony customers, with which they can stream, among other things, music, and Videos from selected partners, and play games without the use of which is credited to the contract in the agreed volume of data. Partners include the providers Netflix, YouTube and Spotify, but also the libraries of some of the TV channels among other things. But the Telekom does not provide for specific Rates to limit the bandwidth for video streaming, which is sufficient for a resolution in HD quality. In addition, the use is provided within Germany only, which means that the data traffic is considered for use abroad on the amount of data volume.

The German Federal network Agency said the Telekom by the end of 2017, therefore, the use of the offer in this Form. You referred to the European law in force, the principle of net neutrality and the European Roaming rules, which prohibit for services abroad payment of an additional fee. The Telecom was, by contrast, the application for a temporary injunction, failed in November 2018, but before the administrative court of Cologne. Now the higher administrative court rejected the complaint of the Telekom.

+++ 11.32 PM: art collector Frieder Burda is dead +++

The art collector and patron of the arts Frieder Burda is dead. The founder of named after him, a Museum in Baden-Baden, died on Sunday after a long illness, surrounded by his family in the resort town. This is a spokesperson for the Museum said on Monday. Burda was 83 years old. The cause of death was not reported.


art collector Frieder Burda died at the age of 83 years.

©Uli Deck Picture Alliance

“With Frieder Burda loses the art world one of its great collectors who wanted to share his love and enthusiasm for art with many people,” said the Museum in a tribute. He had been for his staff to be a model of humility and humanity. As a private man, he had managed it, family and friends always re-merge.

Burda was on 29. April 1936 born as the son of the publisher couple, Franz and Aenne Burda in Gengenbach. Initially, he trained as a printer and publishing teaching and later training as a merchant in the group. At the end of the 60s he began to collect art. His younger brother, Hubert Burda took over the printing and publishing area.

+++ 11.23 PM: “No local branch of-choice” – Söder warns SPD against no to von der Leyen +++

Shortly before the vote on the top posts in the EU Commission’s CSU leader Markus Söder has the SPD of a ‘ no ‘ to Ursula von der Leyen warned. “It’s not about the vote of a local,” said Söder. It is also not a game, but responsibility for the whole of Europe. The CSU no ultimatums, said Söder, but warned, should of the Leyens of the choice of SPD to fail, it would be “for Germany, then embarrassed, and for the SPD shameful”. This would then be a further heavy load for the Grand coalition. “It’s enough slow to trouble,” warned the CSU leader.

On Tuesday, should be elected by the Leyen from the European Parliament to Commission President – although it is unclear if she gets at the end of the majority of votes needed.

+++ 11.13 PM: Two Dead after earthquake in Indonesia +++

After a serious earthquake at the weekend in Indonesia, two women dead has been recovered. In addition, dozens of buildings had been destroyed and that informed the civil protection on Monday. The two victims had been killed from the debris of their homes. More than 2000 people have sought refuge in government buildings.

During the Live broadcast

TV presenters in a panic: earthquake, a television Studio

shaken by The quake to the North Moluccas, according to the latest data of U.S. earthquake USGS the magnitude of 7.3. It occurred, therefore, on Sunday at 11.10 PM GMT, at a depth of ten kilometers. Already on Sunday a week ago, it had been in front of the Indonesian archipelago of the Moluccas, a major earthquake, the strength of which indicates the USGS now with 6.9.

Even before Australia and the Philippines, there was the past weekend earthquake. Indonesia, the Philippines and Northern Australia a ring, in which approximately 90 percent of all earthquakes occur in the world are on the Pacific rim of fire.

+++ 11.07 PM: man provides chase with the police – the 50 km long +++

A 55-Year-old has delivered with the police in Austria, a more than 50-kilometre-long chase. The police announced on Monday, raced the man with his car through red lights and evaded police from the lock, he drove a Lawn. Again and again he tried to urge his followers from the roadway, and forced other traffic maneuvers participant fallback. Only after some time, the man in Albers could be stopped in a village in Styria, several patrol cars and arrested.

the beginning of the chase took place in Graz. The 55-Year-old and his 59 year old brother to have on a Sunday morning guests in a Locally harassing. As the police pulled up, put the 55-Year-old to escape. His brother remained in Graz, tried to kick a police officer and was also arrested.

+++ 11.05 PM: Klöckner raises SPD closed-mindedness, in opposition to von der Leyen, before +++

the Federal Minister for agriculture, Julia Klöckner (CDU) demanded by the SPD, one end of the resistance against the choice of Ursula von der Leyen to the EU-President of the Commission. At the European level, the behavior of the social-democracy of Germany irritating “”,, said Klöckner on Monday in Brussels.


food Minister

subliminal advertising? No, worse. Why the Nestlé Video of Julia Klöckner is impossible

By Daniel Bakir

the SPD, called on members “not in the narrow party-small-Small” stop. “Here it is more: it is about a strong Europe.”

so Far, a majority of the Leyen is not sure, also because a part of the European social Democrats and, in particular, the SPD-MPs want to vote against you. They criticise the fact that von der Leyen is no top candidate of the parties in Europe was a choice.

+++ 10.50 PM: the Federal government sold the discarded U-boat for 400,000 euros +++

The Federal government has found a buyer for the discarded U-boat “U25” of the German Navy. It goes for 400 000 Euro on a European ship recycling companies, said a spokesman for the recycling company by the Federal government (Vebeg) on Monday the German press Agency. “The market is the appropriate price for this scrap mixture.”

those interested were able to visit the a 47.5-Meter-long boat in June at the Kiel naval Arsenal. The boat was built in 1973 by the howaldtswerke – Deutsche Werft AG in Kiel. Engines, generators and technical equipment are incomplete and defective. Due to an accident, the components on Board have been exposed to over long periods of time in seawater and are unusable. The Scrapping companies must demilitarize compulsory in an EU country or Turkey, fully and scrap.

+++ 10.48 PM: Heavy monsoon calls for more deaths in Asia +++

Heavy rains are currently in several countries in Asia for Chaos, devastation and the Dead. In the case of a house collapse as a result of the monsoon rainfall of India came to the North, at least twelve people have been killed. Authorities on Monday demolished the four-storey building on a hillside near the resort town of Shimla in the state of Himachal Pradesh on Sunday, after it had rained for days, violently. Rescue workers were on the scene after at least seven Missing.