It is the worst of the deadly attack in Japan for almost two decades: A 41-year-old man is suspected of committing an arson attack on a Studio for Anime-films in the city of Kyoto committed. According to media reports, the man entered the three-storey building, screaming, “die!”, spilled a flammable liquid and lit it. 33 people were killed. Most of them were found, according to Reports by the news Agency Kyodo, on a staircase leading to the roof. According to the channel NHK, many of the victims died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

36 people had been injured, 17 were in hospitals, according to the newspaper “Asahi Shimbun”. Among the injured, the suspected arsonist is. The Japanese newspaper “Mainichi Shimbun” reported, citing investigators circles, that have placed 41-Year-old the fire, because he said the movie Studio, Kyoto Animation co., have him “stolen history”. The investigators could not confirm the alleged theft. The Prefecture of police of Kyoto believed that the husband, because of his one-sided view of a grudge against the company had and wanted revenge.

tragedy in Japan

33 Dead in suspected arson attack in Kyoto, Japan

Alleged offender was already in prison

is Particularly tragic: According to the Reuters news Agency, the affected building had systems neither sprinklers nor fire hydrants. This was communicated to an official of the fire Department of Kyoto. This fire protection was not been prescribed, since the building was classified as “office”. Fire extinguishers and alarm systems were available.

According to the “Mainichi Shimbun” worked the would-be assassin never in the case of Kyoto Animation, and so far, no connection between him and the Studio was known. The 41-year-old man had been set in the course of his treatment in the hospital under anesthesia. As soon as he had recovered, wool arrest, the police officially and further investigations, the sheet further.

According to the investigators, were found at the site of the arson attack two 20-Liter gasoline canister as well as several knives and a Hammer. Therefore, the police continue to go out of a planned act, “Mainichi Shimbun”. The newspaper also reported, the alleged perpetrator was already previously noticeable. So he had a neighbor with the words, “I’ll take you to” threatened. According to NHK, he was sentenced also because of a robbery at a supermarket to three years in prison. He had also been due to mental health problems in treatment, as the transmitter.

grief in the case of Anime Fans in Japan and around the world

a few hours after the suspected arson attack residents of the town had shown their sympathy and flowers at the scene of the crime, laid down. A 71-year-old local resident told Reuters: “I’m just very, very sad that these people who are so much younger than I, so died early.” Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wrote on Twitter: “So many people were killed or injured. It is so terrible that I can’t find the right words.” Many Fans of Japanese cartoons, called Anime, mourned for the victims. A Student told Kyodo: “I love KyoAni, so I’m worried.” Established in 1981, the film Studio had produced many well-known movies and TV shows, for example, “K-On!”.

Under the Hashtags #PrayForKyoani or #KyoAniStrong many have expressed on Twitter their condolences and their grief. Some called to donate.

In Japan, violent crime is comparatively rare. There fire attacks are punished, where many people live in wooden houses, hard. Even the death penalty can threaten. In may, a man went off in the vicinity of Tokyo with a knife on a group of school girls and killed two people. Three years ago, were stabbed to death in a rampage at a home for disabled 19 people.

sources: news agencies Kyodo (1), (2), Reuters (1), (2), “Asahi Shimbun”, “the Japan Times”, “Mainichi Shimbun”, the NHK (1), NHK (2), with agencies DPA and AFP

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