Sarah Wilson sat in the passenger seat, as your friend Medlin Holden one afternoon last August by the police in Chesapeake, Virginia, was waved. What happened after that is disputed. At the end of the blonde 19-Year-old was dead, killed by a shot to the head.

The situation had escalated, police say. Medlin should have swallowed the official representation of a Golf ball-sized bag of drugs down, as the officers approached the car. Because the two would have fought if they had been tied up. As Medlin was then cut off and the two officials was followed, have brought Wilson to the turret of your friend out of the car and suicide committed.

Was it suicide?

your parents be in doubt of it until now. “It just doesn’t make sense,” said Wilson’s mother to the local stations, “ABC13”. “She had never possessed a firearm, used or even kept.” Other Details contribute to the suspicion of the parents. Wilson’s hands were tied behind the back with handcuffs, nevertheless, you should have a gun and shot brought. That the police should have a gun, left alone, also appears strange. And: The body camera of the officer is said to have taken according to the police, no Videos. She had been damaged in the pursuit, the report said.

A Video of an observer, fuelling a other suspicion. The on Facebook surfaced cell-phone video shows a woman who is in the Background on the floor. “The police has shot the key**** “says a man in the Background. The Person came in later, said a spokesman for the local police station to the “Daily Mail” to the Clip. “He has seen nothing.”

physicians are representation of police, legal

The just-released medical report supports the representation of the police. The young woman died of a gunshot wound in the mouth, is the evaluation of the experts. How to be successful with handcuffs, the report said. Further Details of the internal investigations should not be published, said an official at the local station “WAVY”.

Even if your parents referred to you as “sunshine”, it seems to Wilson to have the other side had. In the case of Facebook, you should have about the consequences of a Drepession spoken. In the car, too many prescription opiates and Syringes were found next to the illegally possessed weapon. Your friend Medlin was sentenced, therefore, in a follow-up to a sentence of imprisonment.

sources: ABC13, Daily Mail, WAVY

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