the Mallorca has been washed up a dead shark. Using a crane helper moved the approximately four-metre-long animal at the yacht port of Puerto Portals out of the water. The report, among other things, the island radio Mallorca and Radio Calcia FM. On Twitter Videos of the action are circulating.

according to media reports, it is to nose the predatory fish to a Stump-Sechskiemerhai act. Of this kind is not known to attack people. According To The Fish life of up to five meters long animals with the very far back of the body situated dorsal fin, usually in several hundred meters depth. They feed, therefore, mainly of fish, including smaller sharks, crustaceans, Carrion, and sea mammals. Blunt nose Sechskiemerhaie are distributed worldwide and occur also in the Mediterranean sea. They are considered to be strongly migratory species.

The Mallorca that had washed up animal has a large breach on the upper side of the head. According to the Reports, a biologist, who has examined the animal at the port believed that it was injured by a ship’s propeller to be fatal. In the Natura Parc, the carcass should be examined further.

again and again, time shark Alarm on Majorca

Only last summer, a still living shark of the coast of Mallorca hit the headlines. In June, was first spotted for about 30 years, a great White shark in Spanish waters. The pet sponge at that time, around 35 kilometers from Mallorca, the route could swim in less than an hour. Two years before that, a 2.5-Meter-long blue shark in a Mallorcan port caused a pool for a few days for excitement, before he was driven from the coast guard back to the open sea.

Near the Balearic island of Cabrera

first great White shark in Spanish waters for 30 years


spotted in The reports, there is always at tourists for uncertainty, however, most shark species are harmless to humans. And even those who are not it in theory, such as the White shark, attacking people, according to experts, if at all, only accidentally.

sources: Insel radio Mallorca / Radio Calcia FM / fish / Twitter