The government parties in the Bundestag have prevented the formation of a Committee of inquiry to a consultant-affair in the Ministry of defence.

Because of legal concerns against the FDP, Greens and Left have raised questions, a corresponding application was referred on Wednesday to the Committee on rules of procedure. The Opposition protested sharply. In contrast, the Union-defence politician Henning Otte and the SPD declared-defense expert Fritz Felgentreu, the questions are not determined enough. A decision could be available in two weeks.

The investigation Committee is to enlighten the millions of expensive use of external experts under the Minister of defence Ursula von der Leyen (CDU). The three opposition parties have submitted 16 questions. You have to aim at the clarification of who has exercised control, the harm to the taxpayer and how violations can be prevented in future. In addition, it is the so-called characteristic ratios, so a suspicion of nepotism, but also the fundamental clarification of the cost-effectiveness. The use of professionals cost a three-digit million amount.

Unfortunately, the process of the investigation Committee started to blockages of the large coalition, said the Left-politician Alexander New on the sidelines of the meeting of the defense Committee in front of journalists. “This is not in line with the requirement of the Minister, the facts of the case quickly and transparently. This is not a good Start.”

Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann (FDP) called for transparency and openness. “We as Opposition not to castrate you.” Tobias Lindner, defense politician of the Greens, spoke of a “smokescreen” by the government parties. The Opposition do not accept that as a limitation of the questions only will be discussed what is already known.

SPD-politician Felgentreu requested, the issue with the necessary accuracy. It may not come all of the 10 000 contracts were concluded for the Advisor to use, on the table. Also, however, the concerns were addressed. CDU politician Otte accused, especially the FDP, she will put on scandal-mongering and not on education.

The three opposition parties want the defence Committee constituted itself as a Committee of inquiry, and for the practical work a Committee of nine members. They refer to this as a “parliamentary uncharted territory”. The procedure should also prevent the work of the defence Committee of lame.


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