they wanted to have fun and looking for the thrill. However, a visit to an amusement Park in the Indian city of Ahmedabad, two people with your life paid for. 29 were seriously injured when an Arm of a giant swing broke, and the passengers rushed around six meters in depth.

A witness filmed the accident, the Video is currently in the network virally. It is to see how the Arm of the swing breaks down, as the ride is called “Discovery” a few meters above the ground. It bounces first of all, constructions against the Makers and kracht then loudly to the ground. As the “Times of India” reported to be the Victims of two 22 and 24 years old men. The injured should be between the ages of 16 and 26 years old. At least three of them should be in a critical condition.

operator arrested reported

such As “India Today”, the police investigations and already Managers of the company arrested. Against them would be investigated for negligent homicide, they say. The Prime Minister of the Indian state of Gujarat have announced harsh penalties against you. In the future, he would not let such rides, first by the local authorities to check their safety before the operation is officially approved. How exactly it came to the time of the accident, is still unclear.

“Disco Dancer”

driving business flies out of anchorage – a man dies

three years Ago, it came in a different Park in India to a similar accident. There, employees of the amusement Park Kishkinta should test, near the city of Chennai, a ride, after it had previously been repaired. The rotating disc, on which the employees were untied from the anchor and crashed to the ground. A 25-Year-old was killed in the accident, nine other people were seriously injured.

sources: “Times of India”, “India Today”

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