The European carrier rocket Ariane 5 launches two telecommunications satellites on Board into space.

Europe’s large aerospace-load-donkey lifted off on Tuesday evening German time to launch from Kourou in the South American French Guiana is located, as the operator Arianespace announced.

On Board the Ariane 5 satellite for the operator Intelsat, which has its headquarters in Luxembourg, and the EDRS-C satellite from Airbus and the European space Agency Esa. For Arianespace, it was the third launch of an Ariane-5 rocket this year.

The Intelsat 39 of the 61. Intelsat-satellite, which was launched by Arianespace into space. He intended to mobile enable wireless operators, enterprises and Internet service providers, faster and more efficient services. Governments want to reduce with the help of Intelsat, 39 the digital divide in remote areas.

The EDRS-C is an important part of the European data relay System (EDRS), the so-called data highway in space. This laser communication network allows for a fast data transport in space, comprehensive information can be sent to earth.

about a month Ago, Arianespace had to cope with a low blow. At the time of the Start of a European Vega rocket from Europe’s spaceport failed. It is rocket was the first false start of a Vega at all. The Vega is 30 meters in height, the smallest carrier in the Arsenal of the European rocket provider Arianespace. You would have to bring in the order of the United Arab Emirates to the on-Board earth observation satellites “FalconEye1” to All.

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