“Enter the site” – four words, a clear message and yet often ignored. Therefore, Klaus Gregor, a contractor in the Oberfalz, the usual logo has been replaced prior to his construction site. And a stark warning to the Curious written:

“as we Enter the building site! Not only in the short. Not only a Minute. Not at all! We are tired to must always again lifeless body buried!”

The sign on the fence hanging there for a few weeks, and since then, peace be on site, so Klaus Gregor, according to the news Agency DPA. After always Curious of the usual warning Signs did not stop, he thought about something with “black Humor”.

dangerous situations on the construction site

Gregory asserted that it had not been discussed at the construction sites of his company to accidents with Unauthorized, so the DPA. However, tricky situations.

Once a man with a scooter was driving on one of his sites behind a wheel loader in the past. It would have been almost an accident. The loader driver not to have seen the man first. “Just go – I can’t stop!” the DPA quoted by the contractor.

Recently, had walked people on a construction site, while concrete slabs were lifted with the crane. The people were just under the floating plate, so Gregor, according to DPA. And would have countered: If something happens, is your fault.

not that simple, however, said contractors Gregory to the DPA: in the end, he was responsible for ensuring that no Unauthorized persons come to the site. A spokeswoman for the Bau-Berufsgenossenschaft in Berlin confirmed to the news Agency: construction site operators have a duty to protect third parties against risks – the company-like in the case of accidents, unauthorized.

in order To avoid it only so far, warns Gregor with drastic words, before Entering its construction sites – the contractor has the signs on several engines.

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