Lotto is for more than 60 years as the most popular lottery in Germany, many players are eagerly awaiting the draws on Wednesday and Saturday regularly. If your financial bet in the lottery “6aus49”, or the additional categories of “spiel 77” and “Super 6” has paid off, you can find here.

With these Numbers you have on Wednesday, 27. February 2019, won:

The drawing from 18.25 PM, then you can find here the updated Figures.

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“super number”: x

game 77: x x x x x x

Super 6: x x x x x x

The details of the “” and without guarantee.

the principle of The game

In the run-up to the Lotto draw, players mark six Numbers of 49 are available for you to choose from. Most were withdrawn in the past, by the way, the six, 49 and 32. The typed Numbers correspond to the digits on the selected lottery balls, it must also be the super number, the last digit of the ticket correctly, so the Jackpot is cracked. The profit distribution takes place from two correct Lotto numbers plus super number and is divided into nine income classes.

stake and odds

madness Jackpot

won nearly $ 759 million in the lottery and was then against all the advice

Pro box on the ticket is a bet on the game is a Euro, there is also a processing fee. In addition to the classic “6aus49″game tip can joyful also participate in the Additional lottery “spiel 77” and “Super 6”. A charge of 2.50 euros, or 1.25 euros will be charged.

The game participation may be worthwhile with Jackpots in the millions – including a decent Portion of luck, however. The chance of winning a prize for winning class 1 (six Correct plus bonus number) and so the Jackpot is 1:139.838.160.

So you can trace the drawing of the Lotto numbers

The TV broadcast of the Lotto draw was set. All the Curious can view the solution online “”. The Stream will start on Wednesday from 18.25 PM, and on Saturday at 19.25.