Freezing temperatures with record-breaking minus large parts of the USA have values in the handle. In the night of Thursday, especially in the Midwest, with extreme temperatures of almost minus 40 degrees Celsius were measured. The National weather service (NWS), as well as Doctors and emergency responders warned on Wednesday (local time) in front of “life-threatening” conditions. A minimum of three Federal States called in the event of a disaster.

Until Wednesday, eight people have died from the effects of cold, as the broadcaster ABC reported. In the Town of Ponsford, Minnesota wind chill temperatures are to be calculated in connection with the wind speed of minus 55 degrees Celsius. Until Sunday, the Americans have to prove a strong cycle. Then, temperatures are expected to climb in many places to more than 30 degrees Celsius, and in some regions almost 20 degrees Celsius plus.


The cold wave has Chicago and Lake Michigan in the handle

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Chicago, on the banks of lake Michigan, located in the North of the United States, stand in the centre of the great cold. The authorities established more than 60 heat offices for the homeless. In addition, each police service to people who wanted to protect themselves from the cold.

Minus 34 degrees and getting colder

Deadly cold parts of the USA freezes – people should not have to take a deep breath

DPA In some places of the USA, colder were expected in Parts of the Arctic

In the metropolis of the state of Illinois on Thursday as temperatures of minus 33 degrees Celsius that is colder than in Parts of the Antarctic and close to the all – time low the was measured in 1994. CNN reported, on Wednesday, the temperatures in the Region have fallen to below minus 17 degrees Celsius.

by Wednesday evening, more than 3000 flights were the temperatures for the victims. The airports were part of the de-Icing of the machine. The rail company Amtrak said on Wednesday all of the train services from and to Chicago. A similar ice cold of minus 17 degrees, and below would not know until Monday 83 million Americans or 25 percent of the population.

polar vortex to solve this extreme weather

The NWS warned of frostbite on unprotected skin within minutes. Responsible for this “Arctic cold” is the so-called polar vortex – a Band of cold westerly winds that circles normally over the North pole. The vortex is weakened, the air in the lower Latitudes to escape. To the Midwest USA Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin are counted.

in the face of the brutal frost, even the weather must capitulate audited deliverer of the US postal service in many places. The USPS announced that the service would be discontinued in Iowa, Minnesota and Parts of Wisconsin and Illinois. In many States, schools, and some universities also remain closed.

in the case of a disaster in three States

In Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota was because of the cold in the case of a disaster. “The cold weather, the power between Tuesday evening and Thursday morning on the way to us, could bring us temperatures that we have not previously experienced. They represent a serious risk to the health of people across the state,” wrote the Governor of Illinois, J. B. Pritzker.

In the state of Iowa, the competent NWS recommended-branch citizens, “to avoid deep breaths” and to speak as little as possible: “This is the coldest air that many of us have ever experienced,” it said in its weather report of Tuesday morning (local time).

The perceived temperatures – in the US it is called “Windchill”-values are often significantly lower. On Tuesday morning the state of Maine have been calculated according to the NWS in the U.S.-values of up to minus 49 degrees Celsius. The “Windchill effect” describes the cooling of the skin with increased wind speed.

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