At the campsite in Lügde will need a long-term camper with an accomplice over the years, children abused and filmed

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have carriers According to the re-discovery of data in the case of demolition work at the alleged scene of the crime of abuse in case of Lügde be determined by the police to the backgrounds. In total, there were eleven video cassettes, a CD and a Mini-CD, which Fund the demolition of entrepreneurs, the police have been informed. The police informs. Earlier, the Süddeutsche Zeitung, NDR and WDR reported.

Minister complains of

authorities scandal in Lügde: How can a child welfare a child in a camping car?

After a first review of the data carrier contained a “not criminally relevant content, but entertainment programmes,” said the police. The origin was initially unclear. If the Unknown had placed the disk in the Container, whether the subject of investigation. The data were derived carrier from the Housing of the main suspect long-term camper, concluded the investigators.

Apparently, further investigation margin in Lügde

At the campsite in Lügde the 56 will need years of long-term camper with a 33-year-old accomplice over the years, children abused and filmed. The two Suspects, as well as a 48-Year-old from lower Saxony, Stade sitting in detention.

The disk had been found “on top of it in a Container in the demolition rubble of the plot of the main accused, had been dumped for disposal,” it said.

in addition, there appears to be a further determination of margin: The police are informed about a tool shed “a few meters from the well known plot of the main accused,” the not yet “been the subject of a police investigation”. There were no findings, “the fact that this shed is to be assigned to the main accused.” How “Tagesschau.de” reported, may have been overlooked in the shed simply. Although he was, according to the report, according to the police, in the meantime – without result – searches. However, the Ombudsman for the demolition of entrepreneurs would have cleared out the shed before, anyway, because the crime scene had been released.

NRW: Minister of the interior, due to investigations under pressure

Only a few days ago, workers in a cavity in the wood had accused the floor of the caravan of the main 56-year duration of the campers found a CD and two floppy disks that had not been discovered by the investigators before. References to other victims had not discovered the investigators, according to police in Bielefeld from Monday to the media. “Due to damage to a CD is currently partly read,” it said in a notice about this Fund.

North Rhine-Westphalia Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU) because of the roadside investigation, the rich increasingly under pressure. At the weekend, the domestic policy spokesman of the SPD in the North Rhine-Westphalian state Parliament, Hartmut Ganzke had demanded the resignation of Reuls. The interior policy spokesperson of the Greens, Verena Schäffer, had declared: “He has made the education of his project – he needs to measure.”

source: “Tagesschau.de”

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