The young U.S. Deputy Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has referred to detention centres for migrants on the border to Mexico as a “concentration camp” and has since been at the centre of fierce criticism. “The United States is operating a concentration camp on our southern border, and that is exactly what they are,” said Ocasio-Cortez on Monday evening (local time) in a Live Video on your Instagram Account. Since then, she reaps harsh criticism from conservative politicians and journalists.

The 29-Year-old, who moved to the beginning of the year to the house of representatives and quickly became a figurehead for the opposition Democrats accused U.S. President Donald Trump is also an “authoritarian and fascist” policies. You don’t use these words “lightly,” she affirmed. You referred to but the character of a government, “the concentration camps” is creating. AOC, as it is also called the shortened, also stressed the “need to Never keep back” anywhere importance.

Ocasio-brings Cortez “shame, Several members of Congress from trump’s Republican party criticized about yourself”

the Comments sharp. The Deputy Liz Cheney called on Ocasio-Cortez, “just a few minutes” with the murder of six million Jews in the extermination camps to deal with the Nazis. Ocasio-Cortez, worthy of the memory of the Holocaust victims down and kill “with such comments, shame on yourself”. “Because you want to teach me so diligently,” said Ocasio-Cortez via Twitter, “I’m curious: How would YOU store the construction of Mass for people who are imprisoned without trial, call?”

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said, by Ocasio-Cortez, American officials comparisons of Camps with the guards in the Nazi bar, they have a “very bad service to the Congress and to the country”. Similar to Graham, and Cheney has been argued by numerous critics. Andy Biggs, a Republican Congressman from Arizona, denounced in addition, the detention conditions in the overcrowded Camps and made the Democrats in Congress responsible. “It’s sick,” said Biggs during a press conference on Tuesday (local time), according to a report from “The Hill”, “the bearings are designed for 4000 people and under the control of the border police, but currently there are 19,000 people. And why there are 19.000? Because people like the Deputy Ocasio-Cortez refuse to accept and to help us to Fund beds and humanitarian care in the detention camps.”

KZ-history not only includes a Nazi-camp

support for its position, received the New York politician, however, also abundant – the part straight from the horse’s mouth.

(“Hi, I’m a Jewish historian. The history of the concentration camps is not identical with the history of the Nazi camp and includes the use of stock to natives in places like … Minnesota. Also South Africa during the Boer wars.”)

(“I know what concentration camps are. I was in two in America. And Yes, we have such a camp”, actor George Takei (“Star Trek”)

(“As to fascism, and the Holocaust of specialist historians, I would refer to these centres as concentration camps. As a Jewish Person who lost family in the Holocaust, I regret that some Republicans Remember the Holocaust in order to defend the racist policies of the trump symbolism.”)

thousands of migrants in Camps,

In the detention centers along the Mexican border, the US authorities have housed thousands of migrants from Central America who have illegally come across the border. Trump announced on Monday, in the next week, the deportation should start from the “millions of illegal aliens”. Ocasio-Cortez’s Expression was a reaction to the announcement.

The fight against trump’s rigorous immigration policy is one of the priorities of the AOC, which has become in a short period of time to a media star. The former waitress is from New York, her family roots are in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico.

source: AFP, “The Hill,” “Fox News”