the investigation into The mysterious letter bomb finds in different locations in London. An Anti-terrorist unit, who has been sent is not particularly expensive-made explosive devices and what is the motive behind it.

according to media reports, two of the three on Tuesday discovered envelopes of stamps from Ireland wore, at least. The Irish police confirmed on the evening at the request of the German press Agency that they supported the investigations. Hurt no one was not, also there were no arrests.

The DIN A4 envelopes had been found in the vicinity of the London City Airport, Heathrow airport and Waterloo station. In it a small yellow plastic were bags, such as Scotland Yard announced. Accordingly, the explosive devices were suitable only to a minor causing fires. Scotland Yard had pictures of the explosives Employed in the Postal and transport distribute so that these additional envelopes to report the same construction to the authorities.

The police believe that the incidents are related to each other. All the three envelopes were found in the administrative buildings. The air traffic was not affected, even at Waterloo station there were no failures. Only the trains to the City Airport, drove at times.

One of the envelopes went up in flames, as an employee of Heathrow airport opened. The building is not located directly on the airport site, was evacuated.

The envelopes at London City Airport and Waterloo station, could be mitigated without the explosives were triggered. Also at the City Airport, a building temporarily as a precaution, evacuated. At Waterloo Station, a small area outside the station has been cordoned off.

London mayor Sadiq Khan expressed his thanks in a message at the security forces for their quick reaction. He called on the population of the capital and visitors, to remain vigilant and to report suspicious packages.


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