Because of numerous anti-Semitic incidents in the past few weeks, the major parties in France have called on the people to demonstrations. Under the Motto “no, anti-Semitism, this is not France!” thousands of people in 60 cities, including Lille, Toulouse, Marseille and Paris, as a protest against the recent massive increase in violence against Jews and Jewish institutions.

France’s government says anti-Semitism to the fight

AFP desert insults and swastika-graffiti

As the “dirty Zionists” insulted the participants in a “yellow West”Demonstration Finkielkraut last weekend, the well-known Jewish-French philosopher Alain. A man who berated Finkielkraut particularly heavy, is said to have been taken, according to media reports, in the meantime. On Tuesday night desecrated Criminals a Jewish cemetery in the Alsace region. Unknown smeared in there letter boxes with the image of the Holocaust Survivor Simone Veil, with swastikas spray-painted the word “Jews” to the facade of a Bagel shop.

According to a report by the French Ministry of the interior published a few days ago, registered with the police as early as 2018, a total of 541 offences with alleged anti-Semitic Background. In comparison to the previous year, an increase of almost 75 percent. 2017 (311 cases) had decreased the number to seven percent.

France, the parties do not want to tolerate the recent flare-up of violence against the Jews any longer. On the Republic square in the capital, Ministers, deputies, party leaders and Ex-presidents brought together the French people responded to the calls of their politicians are rather more cautious.

President Emmanuel Macron resigned at the Holocaust memorial in Paris a wreath. French television showed pictures of the ceremony. In France, the largest Jewish community in Europe – around half a Million Jews live.

sources: “mirror Online”, “Euronews”