After the controversial poster campaign against EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is seeking the right national Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, to smooth the waters.

As Hungarian media reported on Thursday, met two Orban-Familiar – Chancellery Minister Gergely Gulyas, and Ex-social Affairs Minister Zoltan Balog – in Berlin with the CDU-Boss Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer. The EU Commission claims the poster campaign rejected meanwhile, in all the sharpness.

The CDU in Berlin, confirmed the Meeting with the Deputy Chairman of the Fidesz party, Gulyas. Kramp-Karrenbauer have called on Fidesz to prove credibly that she felt the common values of the EPP and the common objectives of the work in the European Parliament. They have already announced in the CDU Federal Executive Committee on Monday, to make clear and concerted distancing from the CDU and the CSU of the poster campaign of the Hungarian government in a direct conversation.

the Meeting had previously reported the “world”-Journalist Robin Alexander on Twitter. Accordingly, the Orban-were looking for the interview with Kramp Familiar-Karrenbauer, to the exclusion of the Hungarian government party, Fidesz, the conservative European people’s party avert. This also includes the CDU and the CSU.

Since last week, posters on which Juncker and the liberal American billionaire of Hungarian origin, George Soros, are to be seen in an unfavorable Pose to hang in Hungary. Including statements that suggest that both wanted to promote illegal Migration to Hungary. Juncker had been selected as the top candidate of the EPP President of the Commission. The EPP then votes were loud, the Fidesz party from the party of the family, to exclude. The leading Union politicians joined in Germany.

in the face of the campaign, the EU Commission published on Thursday a four-page paper that speaks to the claims of the Fidesz campaign. “We agree that the people deserve to know the truth,” said a spokeswoman for the Brussels authority. In the paper it says: “The truth is that there is no conspiracy.” The statements of the Hungarian government were, in the worst case, in fact, completely wrong and at best highly misleading. “And none of this has anything to do with George Soros.”

Then, the paper point for point on each statement. It is not clear that the admission of migrants from outside the EU for every EU country on a voluntary basis; that the EU, national border, over-protection, but of support; that the EU Commission had no plans for a humanitarian Visa and that it is up to each individual EU state, whether he wants to allow the immigration of skilled immigrants. The College of commissioners have closed – including the Hungarian representative Tibor Navracsics, who is himself a Fidesz-member – to be decided this answer, said the spokesman.

The opposition daily “Nepszava” reported on Thursday, citing Fidesz circles, Orban’s envoy to Berlin had at Kramp-Karrenbauer “minimal progress” achieved. The private television station ATV, according to a PPE should be-to the exclusion of Fidesz to the European elections in may from the table.

The two Christian democratic parties of Belgium, as well as the Christian Democrats in Luxembourg, called on Thursday, however, in a letter to the EPP President, Joseph Daul, Fidesz, the party of the family, to exclude. The chairmen of the two Belgian parties, Wouter Beke and Maxime Prevot said on Twitter. Orban’s excesses had become unbearable, wrote Prevot.


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