defines The most important messages in the Short Overview:

the Forsa-see the survey of Green more as the strongest power (15.05 PM)

construction of the controversial dam in Tanzania begins game reserve (12.40 p.m.)

kill elephants in Botswana, two people (10.43 PM)

Hong Kong law on Extradition on ice (9.33 PM)

in 2018, only 27,000 new social housing (9.04 PM)

hotel fire at the Baltic sea – million damage (3.30 PM)

eleven-year-old fights off intruder with Machete (3.03 PM)

the news of The day in the star-Ticker:

+++ 17.50 PM: Motorway company wants to Expand to six to eight lanes +++

motorists on German highways will no longer will have to fret as often about traffic jams. The Chairman of the Board of management of the motorway GmbH, Stephan Krenz, has announced a further Expansion of traffic routes. “We have lived for many years, too much of the substance, and too little invested, but now we’re catching up the backlog,” said Krenz of the “Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper”.

Krenz wants to sections, traffic jams, among other things, the Expansion to six to eight lanes in some stretches and intelligent traffic management to reduce.

+++ 15: 05: Forsa-survey sees Green more in front of the CDU/CSU as the strongest force +++

The Greens remain in a new Forsa poll with 27 per cent, clearly the strongest force. On the second place, the CDU/CSU in the on Saturday published RTL/n-tv”trend barometer”, with 24% (both unchanged). The AfD has improved by a point to 13 percent, the SPD falls back with only eleven percent (minus one) to fourth place.

For the FDP to be said nine percent (minus one), for the left party, unchanged at eight per cent. Computer would be possible, as the only two Alliance for a green-black coalition.

the amount of military presence

tens of thousands of soldiers in the Gulf: the US is on the way in a war against Iran?

AFP +++ 15.03 PM: Tanker after the alleged attack rate on the port in the Emirates, + + +

After the alleged attack on two tankers in the Gulf of Oman, the two ships set course for the United Arab Emirates. The “Kokuka Courageous” will create in Fujairah or choir Fakkan, said the Japanese shipping company Kokuka on Saturday. Also, the Norwegian Tanker “Front Altair” is there on-the-go. The debate on the alleged mastermind of the attacks lasted, however. According to the United States, Britain accused Iran.

+++ 14.28 PM: German women in Morocco, and severely + injured++

A German woman is stabbed in the Northern Moroccan coastal city of Tangier and seriously injured had been stabbed. The police have launched a manhunt to apprehend the offender, reported the national Moroccan news Agency MAP, and the transmitter 2M. Attacker and victim should have known. The Foreign office would not comment on Saturday on request of the German press Agency on the case.

+++ 12.53 PM: Green party leader: CO2 emissions do not need to let loose a bit cost +++

The Greens want the debate to a CO2-price for more climate protection. “Anyone who burns coal, you must pay a price,” said Green-chief Anna Lena Baerbock on Saturday at a conference of delegates of the Thuringian Green in Erfurt. She announced the initiatives of the Greens in the Bundestag. A CO2 price, whether as a tax or levy should increase the price of the emission of greenhouse gases and thus climate-friendly technologies. The Federal government currently allow different concepts to check.

+++ 12.53 PM: consumer: 420.000 VW customers at pattern lawsuit against the group +++

The pattern declaratory action against the VW-group, because of the Diesel scandal involved have now 420.000 VW customers. The chief of the consumer center Federal Association (vzbv), Klaus Müller said the “Rheinische Post” of Saturday, the referred to information of the Federal office of justice. He expressed surprise over “the huge participation”

+++ 12.43 PM: Seven Indians in the case of cleaning of septic tank in a Hotel +++

In the septic tank of a hotel in the North-choked West of India are choked seven people. According to police, there were four cleaning workers and three hotel employees. “One had gone into the Tank and suffocated in a gas poisoning. When he came out and went the other to look after him, and suffered a similar fate,” said police chief Jaydevsinh Vaghela in Vadodara in state of Gujarat on Saturday. It’ll still be investigated, to which Gas it was.

+++ 12.40: the construction of the controversial dam project in a Tanzanian game reserve +++

In Tanzania starts construction work on a controversial hydroelectric power plant in a wildlife reserve have started, which is protected as a Unesco world heritage site. The preparatory work had been completed, so that the charge of the Egyptian companies could now, with the construction starting, said energy Minister Medard Kalemani.

The Bundestag had called on Tanzania at the beginning of the year, from the construction of the dam and related large-scale forest clearing in sight. Conservationists, according to the consequences of the dam would be devastating for the environment. The government of the poor East African country, according to the project is crucial for the Expansion of the power supply.


threat posed by Islamists and Nazis

Jews in Germany: “We do not believe that our children have a future in Germany”

By Alexandra power +++ 12.29 PM: the Director of the Jewish Museum Berlin, resigns after criticism back +++

The Director of the Jewish Museum Berlin (JMB), Peter Schäfer, has resigned. Shepherd had offered the state Minister for Culture Monika Grütters (CDU) for his resignation, “to prevent further damage” of the Museum, avert, it said in a statement to the house on Friday. The President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Josef Schuster, welcomed on Saturday the decision in shepherd.

The Director of the Jewish Museum stood for weeks in the criticism. The trigger for the recent controversy is a good one from the press Secretary of the JMB remote post on the official Twitter channel of the Museum, to which you referred, under the Hashtag “#must read” on an article in the Berlin-based “Taz” was. In the report, it was a criticism of 240 Jewish and Israeli scientists to the decision of the Bundestag, the Israel-Boycott-movement “Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions” (BDS) to condemn as anti-Semitic.

+++ 11: 38: cracks and “movements” – back home in Sydney ev+++

In the Australian metropolis of Sydney is a residential been evacuated akuiert again house because of damage. All of the 122 apartments in the ten-storey Mascot Towers had been cleared, informed the authorities on Saturday. Previously, the expectant were larger cracks in the walls in the basement and suspicious movements in the building structure is perceived to have been discovered.

at the end of December, the newly built Opal Tower had been evacuated in Sydney’s Olympic Park, after some of the residents had seen cracks in the walls, and suspicious noises are heard. The repair to take to work.

+++ 11.31 PM: Maaßen to coalitions of the CDU and the AfD: “You never know” +++

The former constitutional protection chief Hans-Georg Maaßen exclude the cooperation of the CDU and the AfD in Germany’s Eastern länder in perspective. “I think in the current Situation, we will exclude it also, that it comes to such a coalition, but you never know,” said the CDU-member Maaßen on Saturday in Germany radio. The goal is that the CDU won in the state elections in Saxony, Brandenburg and Thuringia in the autumn of the strongest party. He could quite imagine that this was achievable.

Maaßen was convinced that the CDU could form in the three Eastern countries, without the AfD a coalition. In particular, in Thuringia, he did not believe that a cooperation with the AfD under the local Chairman Björn Höcke was possible. To form “a coalition, you need common values and Beliefs. I don’t see, currently, anyway,” he said.

Maassen is a member of the values-Union, a conservative grouping within the CDU and CSU, which is coming on Saturday to your Bund meeting in Filderstadt, near Stuttgart.

+++ 10.43 PM: elephants trample in Botswana two people to death +++

In Botswana, elephants have trampled in the course of the week two people to death. A man was killed on Wednesday in the North of the country in the area of the Okavango Delta on the way to a funeral of a pachyderm, another villager, said on Thursday in the centre of the country, such as the Ministry of the environment. Local residents are called, “to be always extra careful, in order to reduce the likelihood of an attack by elephants as well as possible,” said the Ministry.