hundreds of protesters have warned on the border between British Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland prior to the Brexit threats to the Ex-civil war region. Many of them were dressed as soldiers and customs officials.

The protesters fear that the EU emerges to lead great Britain back to a fixed limit, and old conflicts in the Region could intensify. Currently, the limit in the green hill country is virtually invisible and can be easily happened.

“We are however, those who suffer from the mistakes made in the Parliament in London,” quoted the British news Agency PA, one of the protesters, in the County of Down. “We will not accept the limit.”

In the civil war fought pro-Irish Catholics, under the leadership of the underground organization, the IRA against Protestant, pro-British loyalists. In essence, it was a question of whether the UK belonging to the North part of Ireland should be United with the Republic in the South.

The good Friday agreement ended on may 10. April 1998 the long dispute. Between 1969 and 2001, more than 3600 people died. Hundreds of thousands are considered to be traumatized. The tensions between Catholics and Protestants are still noticeable. More than 100 high walls to separate neighborhoods in Belfast.