With a huge Boris-Johnson-puppet in the sky in protest protesters in London against the likely new British Prime Minister. Under the slogan “no to Boris, Yes to Europe” they moved on Saturday through the city centre.

The protest March was organised by the “March for Change”, a EU-friendly groups. The doll “looks, perhaps, a bit of lighthearted fun, but it has a serious message,” said Tom Brufatto, one of the organizers.

The inflatable Boris-doll named “Baby Blimp” is reminiscent of “Baby Trump”, a huge figure in the sky that mocked the US President Donald Trump during his visit to London last month. In the UK, is referred to with the word “Blimp” is both an air-ship, as well as a self-indulgent, ultimately arch-conservative.

The Boris doll wears a T-Shirt with a red double-Decker bus and the words “350 million pounds” on it. This is an allusion to a campaign, with the help of Johnson voters at the Brexit Referendum misled to have. He had claimed that the United Kingdom had weekly guide to 350 million pounds (400 million euros) to the EU. This money could better be used in the national health service NHS has invested. What Johnson, however, failed to mention: the UK receives a significant portion of his contributions, such as for agriculture.

On Tuesday, the Conservative party has announced who will be the successor to the outgoing Prime Minister, Theresa May. The heavy favorite is Johnson, the many trust to get disappointed Brexit-voters back into the boat. His rival, foreign Minister, Jeremy Hunt, are hardly given opportunities. Already on Wednesday, the new Prime Minister to replace the then May.

Johnson wants the United Kingdom on the 31. October from the European Union – “come what may”. He threatens Brussels with a disorderly exit. However, this would have large negative consequences for the economy and many other areas of life.

In Britain, with Ministers resigned earlier this week, and new appointments of several Cabinet Posts after the announcement of the winner expected. In conversation with Johnson, the former Brexit should be-the Minister, David Davis, as the “Telegraph” wrote on Saturday. He had resigned in Protest against the Brexit course of May from his Post; critics considered him lazy and incompetent. Davis could be, according to the “Telegraph” Finance or foreign Minister.

on unrest there are also in the Labour Opposition that is hopelessly divided. Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, the allegations do not get rid of, he is not doing enough against anti-Semitism in their own ranks. In the upper house, a mutiny threatens him even. The Lords are expected to decide on Monday at a special meeting of the group about whether or not a motion of censure should be brought to a vote. A vote against the Old-Left Corbyn would have only symbolic meaning, it would damage his Reputation considerably.

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