A court in the US capital of Washington has sentenced the former campaign Manager of President Donald Trump, Paul Manafort, in addition to three and a half years in prison.

the channel MSNBC, and the “the Wall Street Journal reported that” on Wednesday. The ruling of judge Amy Berman Jackson thus provides for an additional 43 months in prison for Manafort – in addition to any other sentence from the last week in the amount of 47 months. He must years, a total of seven and a half in prison.

The allegations of Russian politicians in connection with Manaforts lobbying for pro-in Ukraine. He had declared himself guilty and initially willing to cooperate with special investigator Robert Mueller in the Russia investigation. In the opinion of the court he lied to the investigators, however, in breach of an agreement to criminal reduction.

The trials of Manafort did not have to do directly with the core of the Russia-affair to Trump, has revealed from the investigations by special investigator Robert Mueller.