In the abuse scandal involving dozens of children at a campsite in Lügde (North Rhine-Westphalia), it was determined an underage suspect. According to Ralf Vetter of the Supreme public Prosecutor’s office in Detmold it’s supposed to be a 16-Year-olds, reported in the WDR. The star could not reach his cousin for an opinion. The police of Bielefeld speaks of a “minor accused”, but no further Details.

According to the WDR, the Suspect child pornography should have possessed Material, which is to be built on the campsite. In addition, the Accused had been heard, was now free again. Attorney cousin wanted to make, according to the WDR, no information as to the proportion of the allegedly 16-Year-old the other three suspects. He should, however, come from the Region. It was unclear whether he had been in the past personally on the campsite.

Seven Accused in the case of abuse of Lügde

At the campsite in Lügde at the border of North Rhine-Westphalia to lower Saxony, to needs over the years, at least 31 children between the ages of 4 and 13 years abused and filmed. Three Suspects sit in detention. The case has now expanded to a police scandal, because in the building of the district police in Detmold evidence disappeared. According to the Prosecutor’s office is 155 CDs and DVDs that were found at the campsite and in the apartment of the main suspect.

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The police of Bielefeld, exhausts, meanwhile, is “all possibilities” in the investigation of serious sexual abuse, explain to the officials in a joint press release with the Prosecutor’s office in Detmold. The search for clues at the crime scene had been intensified. Meanwhile, will is determined against seven Accused. Against three Accused persons is determined because of the urgent Tatverdachts of the sexual abuse of children, you are in custody.

In addition, there is a further accused, against the will determined on the basis of a reference to possible manipulation of data because of the Tatverdachts of obstruction of justice. Against two other Accused will be determined because of the potential for support services due to the Tatverdachts of the aid to the sexual abuse of children.

it was Also determined that “the accused is a minor,” – said in the press release. IT evaluations have shown suspicion of possession “of child pornographic writings”. This could be the supposedly 16-Year-old. For more Details, the police of Bielefeld doesn’t call.

The accused, “four to seven”, i.e. the non-suspects are currently urgent, would be free. “The underlying issues to be further lightened and the investigation to continue.”, it is.

sources: WDR, police Bielefeld