Ankara has rejected reports that German were at the port of entry in Turkey is threatened, as “baseless”. Appropriate statements of the Turkish interior Minister Süleyman Soylu be ripped “is clearly out of context and distorted,” said the Turkish foreign Ministry.

tourists from Germany and all other countries in Turkey as welcome. In the Declaration, no specific Medium was mentioned. Several German Newspapers had previously reported that holidaymakers from Germany, which are considered to be government opponents in Turkey, could be taken at the time of entry.

the Background a speech is Soylus of Sunday. He had said, according to the state news Agency Anadolu in Ankara: “there are those who participate in Europe, and in Germany to the events of the terrorist organization, and then in Antalya, Bodrum and Mugla holidays.” You’ve also taken “measures”. “You should come here but to and from the airports to enter the country. We take them on!” Further, he said: “From now on, it will not be so easy to commit out treason, and to have fun in the Turkey.”

The German-Turkish Deputy and Erdogan’s Advisor Mustafa Yeneroglu wrote on Twitter, who expect terrorist organizations such as the forbidden Kurdish workers ‘ party PKK support, must, as in other countries with law enforcement. “Non-German holiday-makers, non-governmental opponents, but those that are searched on the basis of crime, are affected.” The PKK is classified in the Turkey and the EU as a terrorist organization.