German Chancellor Angela Merkel is 65. A lot of time to celebrate your however. As usual, she directs at Wednesday’s meeting of the Federal Cabinet. Addressed to your special day the head of state said only: “This does not mean that you will be younger. But experienced, maybe.”

Merkel since November 2005 Chancellor. Most recently, the headlines revolved around their health, after they had three times suffered within three weeks, shaking attacks – always in the case of public appointments in the Stand. She was “fully persuaded that I am well capable,” she assured. At receptions in two foreign Government had responded the least pragmatic and the national anthem, listened to in a Sitting position.

The former SPD Chairman, Sigmar Gabriel, praised Merkel for her birthday as an “outstanding personality in the Chancellery”. “Because even in a Sitting position, the German head of government exudes even more political power than many, the pose in standing and in apparent size in front of her,” wrote Gabriel in an article for the Berliner “Tagesspiegel”. “More than ticket is not only a political (Over-)life motto.” Whatever one of the individual policy decisions of Merkel’s hold: “you as a German Chancellor to our country Good and feel good,” said Gabriel.

By the Leyens successor

Kramp-Karrenbauer accepts Department of defense

dpa, The eternal Chancellor – between criticism and admiration

Merkel was in the past years, also in the criticism, especially her attitude in the refugee policy polarized. However, their popularity levels are high – while the CDU, whose presidency has made at the end of last year, is languishing in the polls, well below 30 percent.

the head of The opinion research Institute Forsa, Manfred Güllner, back Merkel’s Reputation, among other things, to your unpretentious style. “The Outstanding is that it has given many people the sense of security and stability. She has conveyed that she will take care of the Concerns of the people in fact, without making a big fuss drum,” said Güllner of the editors ‘ network, Germany (Wednesday).

In it, the citizens would have the feeling of, “you can also handle the case of the geopolitically difficult circumstances that we have today, rather with the strange men of the world than others,” said Güllner. “The sum of the positive image of Merkel.” Confidence in Merkel have suffered, in spite of some very critical coverage in the media over the years.

also, the “Grand coalition” with Merkel?

Merkel has made it clear that this is your last term in the policy. The big question is, how long the “Grand coalition” holds – given the constant frictions in the black-red Alliance, most recently the nomination of Ursula von der Leyens, as EU Commission President. At least this site was cleared in front of Merkel’s birthday, and as the successor in the defence Ministry CDU-Boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer found. In this respect, nothing would be a early summer vacation to the Chancellor in the way.

your 60. Birthday wished for Merkel, by the way, a scientific presentation by the historian Jürgen osterhammel, to 50. had referred to the brain researchers Wolf Singer about the “utopia of the predictability of the future”.

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