German Chancellor Angela Merkel has agreed to citizens on a growing international responsibility of Germany and a further structural change in the economy. To overcome challenges, set the Federal government on global cooperation, said the CDU-politician in on Sunday published new year’s speech. “Because the fate is the question of climate change, the the control and order of the Migration, since the fight against international terrorism. In our own interest we want to solve all these questions, and we can do that best if we said the interests of others, considering,” said Merkel. In the speech, she also proposed self-critical tones.


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you know that many citizens in the expiring year, have been at odds with the Federal government. “First, we have taken a long time to form a government, and as we had them, because there was a fight and a lot of preoccupation with ourselves,” she said. State servants should do all in their Power for the inner peace and the cohesion of the country.

Germany, prior to entry into the UN security Council

“Germany will be starting tomorrow, for two years a member of the UN security Council, and for global solutions,” said Merkel. “We are increasing our funding for humanitarian aid and development assistance, but also our defense spending.” With a view to the economic development, the Chancellor stressed: “jobs, prosperity, and the foundations of our life, the Federal government is consistently the next steps in the process of structural change from traditional to new technologies and implementing its strategy for digital progress.”

be certainly advised fixes in the international cooperation under pressure, regretted Merkel, obviously in allusion to the national alone, the U.S. government, under President Donald Trump. Germany must stand up for our own Beliefs, argue and fight. “And we need to take in their own interest, more responsibility.” At the same time, the Federal government is committed to make the European Union more robust and become more decisive. “And with the UK we want to preserve in spite of the withdrawal from the European Union is a close partnership,” said the Chancellor.

get the inside wrestled politically with the best solutions in the matter. “More and more frequently, but also to the style of our togetherness, of our values: openness, tolerance, and respect. These values have made our country strong.” All citizens need to work together – even if it was uncomfortable and exhausting.

the Chancellor was 2018 also personally a strong incision. It was after 18 years as Chairman of the CDU. Her successor was Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer: