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Andrew Lincoln Biography, Net Worth, Height, Age, Nationality, And TV Shows


Andrew Lincoln is an amazing famous British actor of this era. He was born on September 14, 1973, in London, England. His full name is Andrew James Clutterbuck. As many other actors, Andrew chooses his stage name as Andrew Lincoln. If we talk about His father then he was a civil engineer and his mother was a nurse. When he was 18 months old, his family migrated to Kingston upon Hull and then they shifted to Somerset. Andrew Lincoln got British nationality If we talk about the age of Andrew Lincoln then he is 45 years old. With a wonderful personality, the height of Andrew Lincoln is 5 feet 10 inch, 178 cm, and 1.78 m.

Net worth Of Andrew Lincoln:

The net worth of Andrew Lincoln is the approximate US $8 million.

Marital Status:

Andrew Lincoln is a married guy. He chooses his friend Gael Anderson as his better half. They live a happy married life. They have two children, a daughter Matlida Clutterbuck and a son Arthur Clutterbuck.

Andrew Lincoln Early Education:

Andrew Lincoln received his early education from Beechen Cliff School. During this interval, Andrew takes keen interest in acting. He also takes part in tabloo and many stage dramas during his school session. After the completion of the school, Andrew Lincoln got admission to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Andrew Lincoln Career:

As Andrew Lincoln take much interest in acting since his school session, so he chooses acting as a profession. In 1944, Andrew Lincoln appeared on screen in Channel four’s BAFTA award-winning sitcom, Drop the Dead. Andrew Lincoln also play a role in the series of “Births and Deaths”. In the beginning, Lincoln plays a small role in many dramas and movies to hit a major role. Then his efforts bring him the fruit of success a he got the chance to play a magnificent role in a BBC drama series Edgar Cook, This life. This drama becomes blockbuster and it also won Drama of the year award at Royal Television Society Awards in 1998. His popularity is because of his leading role in horror television serials.

Andrew Lincoln’s Famous dramas and movies:

Andrew Lincoln play a leading role in many popular dramas and movies all the movies and dramas are given below

  • Afterlife (since 2005- 2006).
  • Gangster no.1 (2000)
  • Heartbreaker (2010)
  • Love actually (2003)
  • Birth and Death
  • This Life (1996 – 1997)
  • The walking dead. (2010)
  • Strike back (2010)
  • Talking Dead (2011)
  • Human Traffic (1999)
  • Boston Kickout (1996)
  • Made in Dagenham (2010)
  • Enduring Love.
  • Wuthering Heights
  • The woman in white (1997)
  • Red nose day actually (2017)
  • Teacher (2001-2004)
  • Offending Angels (2000)
  • Moonshot (2009)
  • The Canterburytales (2003)
  • Hey Good Looking! (2006)
  • A likeness in stone (2000)
  • These foolish things (2005)
  • Whose baby (2004)
  • Bomber (2000)
  • Million Dollar Traders (2003) and many more…


As he is a great and successful person so, he is nominated and awarded by many awards. All the awards of Andrew Lincoln are given below

  • In 2004, Andrew Lincoln was nominated for Best New Director award by British Academy Television Awards.
  • In 2004, Phoenix Film Critics Society Award-nominated Andrew Lincoln for Best Ensemble Acting Award.
  • In the year 2007, Empire Awards gave Best New-comer awards to Andrew Lincoln.
  • In 2010, IGN summer movie award blessed Best TV hero award to him.
  • In 2007, Golden Nymph Award blessed him with outstanding actor drama series award.
  • In 2011, Scream Awards Nominated Andrew Lincoln as a Best Horror Actor award and Saturn Awards nominate him as the Best Actor TV award.
  • In 2012, Satellite awards gave Best Ensemble TV award to Andrew Lincoln.
  • In 2012, Saturn Awards nominate Andrew Lincoln for Best Actor on television.

Andrew Lincoln Personal life:

Andrew Lincoln is the man who takes part in many social works. He is also the supporter of a British charity “shelter” whose aim is to provide shelter and food for refuges. His best friend is Norman Reedus who is the co-star of the film “The Walking Dead” His favourite singer is Shelby Lynne. Here is amazing news about Andrew Lincoln that he is not available on any social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and youtube.

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