researchers have discovered 10,000-year-old chewing gum from Sweden the human genome and analyzed. It was the oldest sequenced pieces of DNA of people from Scandinavia, reported the University of Stockholm on Wednesday.

they were two women and a man. The Scandinavian team of researchers, presented the study in the journal “Communications in Biology”.

the chewing gum made from birch bark pitch were Found already in the early 90s in Huseby-Klev North of Gothenburg, where it was in the early middle stone age hunters and fishermen. But at the time did not exist, nor the technical possibilities to analyze ancient human DNA. There were also a few bones of this age, but they were for archäogenetische studies, there is not enough DNA, the researchers reported.

the results of The present research showed that the people whose DNA was found, having a close genetic relationship to other hunters, and collectors in Sweden and other early middle stone age populations from the glacial Europe. Their tools, however, were produced with a technique, which originated in the Russia of today. The Compounds of the people of the regions had suspected, researchers, the genetic analysis have confirmed this now.

“DNA from these old chewing gum not only has a huge potential, the origin and movement of the people to understand a long time ago, but also to get insights in their social relations, disease, and food,” said co-author Per Persson from the Museum of cultural history in Oslo.