efforts to reach a new truce between Israel and the Gaza strip’s ruling Hamas have failed for the time being.

After new attacks by Palestinian militants on Israel’s border area, the Israeli air force attacked on Tuesday night’s goals in the Palestinian territory on the Mediterranean sea. Israel’s army said, several Hamas institutions had been taken.

had Then in the nearby coastal city of Ashkelon, alarm sirens howled, informed the army. It had again been a rocket fired from Gaza. According to a police spokesperson, the missile was intercepted by Israel’s anti-missile Iron Dome (iron dome).

Just two weeks before a parliamentary election in Israel, the conflict with the enemy, Hamas-the organization’s rocking high-thus more dangerous. The Israeli television reported, on the Gaza border would provide armored corps of the Israeli army.

Palestinian Militants fired on Tuesday afternoon a rocket fired from the Gaza strip towards Israel, the army said. According to Israeli media, Palestinian militants had also, in spite of a on the eve of the announced ceasefire again balloons with explosive devices to Israel sent.

Israel wants to send because of the tensions with Hamas more troops to the edge of the Palestinian territory. General staff chief Aviv Kochavi have decided to move one more infantry Brigade and an artillery battalion in the South of Israel, announced the army on Tuesday. This decision was a result of a consultation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu has held the office of Secretary of defense.

Netanyahu had earlier threatened further military actions against the Hamas. Because of the new escalation in the middle East, the head of the government his USA had a shortened trip. He landed on Tuesday afternoon in Israel.

Israel’s air force had destroyed in the last 24 hours key Hamas facilities, Netanyahu said in a live Video conference of the Israel unlock at the year-American lobby organization Aipac in Washington. “We are ready to do much more. We will do what is for the defence of our people and of our state.”

The Hamas spokesman Fausi Barhum announced on Monday evening, an Egypt-mediated ceasefire. After that, Palestinian militants fired further rockets into Israeli border area.

Israel responded with air strikes on a rocket attack from the Gaza strip, on Monday a house to the North-East of Tel Aviv had been destroyed. Seven people suffered injuries, including small children. Israel’s army and Hamas responsible for the attack.

Israel’s air force destroyed on Monday three buildings in the Hamas in the Gaza strip, including the office of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh. A total of seven Palestinians had been injured, said the Ministry of health in Gaza.

According to Marc Frings, head of office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Ramallah, the lack of Hamas support in the population for another military confrontation with Israel. “In the past, they could distract through the use of violence against Israel from its own shortcomings, and the ranks behind will close,” said Frings on the German press-Agency. “It does not work anymore.”