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An Bui’s Online Career Accelerator Review: Your Way to a Digital Marketing World

As all of you know, the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t been easy for any of us. For the employees, many are getting laid off their jobs as companies struggle to keep in operations with a limited workforce. Others have had their stores closed completely, leaving them out of a job, with no livelihood and no income.

You may ask ‘What’s a struggling employee to do then?’. Actually, if there’s one positive change the pandemic has brought about, it’s the surge of popularity from online jobs and of course, work from home online employees, and that’s what Online Career Accelerator is all about!

Get to know more about An Bui’s Online Career Accelerator with this review from my own experience on how it changed my career, how it helped me succeed and advance in Digital Marketing.

What is an Online Career Accelerator?

Online Career Accelerator is a service that focuses on getting the ‘employee’ back in. Taking a cue from their own website, their aim is to help you find a remote job that you can do part-time or full-time and make a $65k-$120k salary in just months.

Their career accelerator program is built around the idea that the people who might be interested in this service are either newbies, have no college degrees, have little to no experience in online job searching and online employment. This makes it easy for anyone to get into.

Not only that, their course structure was especially made for people who want to work from home, safe and comfy, away from the dangers of the virus. That, dear friend,  might be you.

What does it offer?

Onlinecareeraccelator.com offers courses for people wanting to get into Digital Marketing, complete with step-by-step training with certified expert coaches in their selected field. It promises a ‘hands-on’ type of structure, so you’ll know exactly what to expect in the actual field of work.

Why do you need to learn Digital Marketing?

Perhaps the better question here is “Why SHOULDN’T it be Digital Marketing?”. This is now an age where online presence has been made stronger than ever. More and more people are staying, be it through mobile or through their computers, and people are discovering new tasks every single day. New apps promoting interconnectivity online have come out of nowhere and taken the world by storm.

Demand for skills in an online environment is higher than ever. Once again, the digital age is upon us, and it would be a shame to not be a part of it. This is exactly what Online Career Accelerator is preparing you for. Accelerate your career through the onlinecareeraccelerator.com development program.

Course Inclusions

As part of the package, the course teaches you proper Resume structure and writing, ideal things to say in an interview, the proper way to craft and respond to certain types of emails in the sense of a Digital Marketer. The course will also train you in various skills and how to use specific applications that are absolutely necessary for Digital Marketing.

About the coaches

The coaches will present actual scenarios and offer an in-depth analysis of the situation, train you how to identify problems and solutions. They aren’t simply teachers who go by the textbook without any marketing experience, but actual experts who work as Digital Marketers in their day to day lives. They will monitor your progress as the days go by, help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and how to optimize your mindset for this sort of role.

Not a solo journey

If that wasn’t enough, they also have an exclusive community where you can have access to private groups for group discussions and 1-on-1 coaching from the course mentors, communicating via chat, email, and even video call. In their groups, you can interact with other students who share the same experiences as you, looking to make a better future through this training.

In this sense, this is far from a solo experience; the community is real and you aren’t ever alone.

Important things to note

You need to understand that this is NOT a “get rich quick” scheme. This is real training, where your efforts determine your success, and where your success is determined by how closely you followed your training. It’s not the kind you just look at once and forget about it the next day, but the kind that was structured professionally with the intent of landing you a job and expanding your career.

Founder, An Bui, a Scam?

In a highly specialized course for Digital Marketing, you may be left wondering who started the company. You may have heard stories about company founders who actually knew nothing of the company they opened and just did it on a whim, given the right resources.

This is not the case for Online Career Accelerator’s founder, An Bui.

An Bui is an online Digital Marketing expert with years of experience in Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Email Marketing. He has trained over 100+ digital marketing professionals and helped over 500+ people land high paying jobs.

Armed with his knowledge, he created this program in order to educate others in the field of Digital Marketing, to make them aware of the vast sea of opportunities awaiting them, and to watch them grow with success.

After looking at all of the current real factors and going through the program, there is no reason why you can’t trust An. He is a quality-advancing prepared proficient with comprehensive involvement in creating partnerships and assisting people in seeking jobs. Someone I would undoubtedly keep an eye on and learn more about and not just what others call him as a scam artist.

These people who give negative reviews about An Bui are people who despise him because of the success he hass. They don’t know anything about his program, they don’t think about his outstanding students who don’t have a degree but still landed a job successfully, and they have no idea who he is. If you try the course for yourself, you’ll see that it’s far from a scam and that it is legit.

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