in the case of a knife attack and seriously injured Gdansk mayor Pawel Adamowicz floats after emergency surgery more in danger of their lives. “The Patient lives,” said the surgeon, Tomasz Stefaniak, after the five-hour Operation at the University hospital of the Polish port town in the night on Monday. His condition was “very, very serious”: “The next hours will be decisive.” Adamowicz was injured, according to the heart and other organs.

Adamowicz had been stabbed on Sunday night at a charity event in front of the eyes of hundreds of people by an attacker. The man stormed onto the stage and stabbed with a knife several times on the 53-Year-old, since 1998, the mayor of Gdansk. Adamowicz was revived on-site and then brought to the hospital.

Hardened fronts

EU Commission’s sanction procedure against Poland heading a


The attacker was overpowered by security guards quickly. According to the police, is a 27-year-old gdańsk. A Video of the attack shows the man after the knife attack rips a microphone and calls, he was brought in by the previous government of the civic platform (PO) innocent to prison and been tortured. “That is why Adamowicz dies!” The PO had supported Adamowicz at the municipal election in the fall. An eye witness told the TV station TVN, the attackers have worked after the attack is “happy” about what he did.

Minister of the interior speaks of an “act of barbarism”

according to media reports, the 27-Year-old in the past had been convicted of four armed Bank robberies in Gdansk more than five years in prison. Therefore, he suffered in prison under increasing mental health problems. The authorities are investigating how he was able to get despite of the security measures on the stage, on the Adamowicz. According to a police spokesperson, he had an accreditation as a press representative. “Now we need to figure out how he has received, whether the accreditation was issued on his name, and whether he was really authorized to reside at this time there,” said the spokeswoman.

The fact, during a well-known charity event of the Organisation WOSP Poland shook. During the annual Event of money for the equipment of children’s hospitals is collected. The attack on the life and health Adamowiczs must be condemned in the strongest possible terms, wrote to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on Twitter. The Minister of the interior Joachim Brudzinski said it was a “act of barbarism”. The EU Council President and former Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, Vice-President of the Commission Frans Timmermans and mayor of London, Sadiq Khan spoke Adamowicz your assistance.

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