Andrew Francis Lippi, it is actually quite good. At least you may suspect, when you consider that the 59-year-old American is quite a of financial strength. He recently bought a small island and the associated luxury property in Florida for a mere eight million dollars.

The Mini-island is located directly in front of Key West and is directly by a bridge and accessible by car. Alone in the elegant main house has four bedrooms and six bathrooms. All the houses together offering 8700 square feet of space. The entire property is two acres in size and has a helipad for the helicopter.

Lippi already has a other luxury property in Key West, which he rents, according to the newspaper “Miami Herald” on Airbnb is for 999 dollars per night to rent.

Later, he wants to a supermarket in Florida

Rob, A week after he bought Thompson’s Island, took Lippi by the police. Whether he is currently strapped for cash or simply stingy, is not known, but he should have tried to cheat the supermarket Kmart for around $ 300. Lip had purchased a coffee maker, a blender, eight light bulbs and a bed-Covering. Later, he exchanged the Goods again, only in the packaging not the article. Instead of the expensive coffee machine he had grabbed an old Basketball in the carton, for the new Mixer is an older model. The light bulbs he had replaced by biligere and for the bed-Covering he grabbed a pillowcase in the Original packaging, which he returned.

Lippi denied the accusations initially. The supermarket was Video-records available to the hardened the suspicion.

To the allegations Lippi say nothing. “It is very complicated and I do not wish to speak of it,” he told the “Miami Herald.” And he stressed how friendly the police had been to him. He was discharged on the same day from custody, and on 18. April by high court.

source: “Miami Herald”