An accomplice of the Christmas market-be assassin Anis Amri is said to have been in contact with the mastermind behind the Paris terror attacks of January 2015.

As reported by the “Spiegel” in its latest issue, to have spoken to the Frenchman Clément B. in one wiretapped conversation about his contact with the Parisian bomber Abdel Hamid Abaaoud.

in France and later imprisoned B. is suspected in Berlin in the fall of 2016, together with Amri and the Islamist threat Magomed-Ali C. to have a bomb attack planned. Of his Plan, the Trio took at the time, however, after the Berlin police showed up at C.

In December 2016 Amri captured car then a truck and sped off with the vehicle in the Christmas market on Berlin’s Breitscheidplatz. He killed twelve people and fled then across through Western Europe before he was finally shot in Italy by the police.

In the case of the Paris attacks in January 2015 were killed by terrorists of the Islamic state (IS) is 130 people. In the concert hall of the “Bataclan” caused a massacre, Bars and Restaurants were fired, at the Stade de France, a suicide bomber blew up himself in the air.

As the German press Agency learned, had been controlled by the French in December 2015, shortly after the Paris attacks, in Dresden of the German Federal police. The officials had examined him on explosives traces. Today, he sits in France, in prison.

Important information about the international networking Amris come, according to “the mirror” from the Monitoring of the conversations of the French with visitors in prison. 25. August have indicated b. according to the investigation files that were originally at the same time attacks in Germany, France and Belgium had been planned. This Plan he had, Amri and possibly other men in the eye in focus.

note that a series of coordinated attacks in Berlin, Paris and Brussels had been planned, had already been in the investigation Committee of the Bundestag to Berlin stop.

The Chairwoman of the links group in the Committee of inquiry Martina Renner, called the revealed relations of Amri to the assassins of Paris must necessarily be informed. “It is suspected that the security authorities already knew more of these Connections,” she said. The Committee of inquiry should be granted insight into the documents relating to the German proceedings were run according to the Paris attacks.

“The Thesis of single-offender anise Amri is not a cul-de-SAC. Amri was apparently involved in a high radical Europe-wide network of Islamists,” said the FDP’s Deputy Benjamin Strasser. As a so intensively networked Islamist by the Grid, the German security authorities had, was inexplicable.

the question was a supporter of the IS. The Tunisians lived as a rejected asylum-seekers in Berlin, frequented Salafist mosques, and sold drugs.