the amok alarm in schleswig-Holstein Flensburg: Where police officers have taken in the Morning, a 17-year-old students, to have announced in a publicly accessible Chat, to several people in a school to kill.

informed How the officials in the fjord city is to known the chat history will be on the Tuesday evening, been decided, before the start of School intake checks at the Eckener-school. The use had begun at seven o’clock in the morning, eight patrol car crews were on site, a police spokesman said the star.

How great the danger was in Flensburg?

several knives had been found at the Suspect, and the suspicion against him was substantiated after investigations. Specific information on the type and number of weapons wanted to make the police

According to the report of the “Flensburger day sheet” is the 17-Year-old to a German, to be noticed by the security authorities in the past. Civil servants should already have a so-called threat speech. The police did not want to confirm this with a view to the special privacy protection for minors.


Ten years after

your child run of Winnenden died in the rampage: “Nicole is simply bled to death, full of pain and all alone”

The police are now investigating how serious the situation was on Wednesday morning and possibly a killing spree was prevented by several Victims. The Prosecutor’s office of Flensburg, is also turned on in the case.

At the Eckener-College is a Regional education center with a focus on technology and design. Among other things, can be the school part of eight vocational training completed. Currently, about 2500 students attend the Northern state of Schleswig-Holstein, the education centre on the edge of the Bay of lübeck city centre, and are taught by approximately 140 teachers.

The lessons take place on Wednesday despite the deployment, officials remained as a precautionary measure, on the spot, said the police spokesman.

sources: police Directorate of Flensburg, the “Flensburger Tageblatt”, Eckener-school, news Agency DPA