The number of documented executions has declined in the past year by about a third and has reached, according to Amnesty International, the lowest level since ten years.

The human rights organization listed in your published on Wednesday the report on the death penalty in the year 2018, a minimum of 690 executions in 20 States. In the previous year, there were 993 executions in 23 States. However, there is a significant underreporting, especially in China, where in 2018, presumably several Thousand people executed had been stated in the annual report.

“The Trend towards abolition of the death penalty is no longer to reverse. Every year the circle of those States without the death penalty, greater,” notes the organization. Four countries were therefore for 78 percent of all documented executions responsible: Iran (at least 253), Saudi Arabia (149), Vietnam (at least 85) and Iraq (at least 52).

The overall significant decrease in the executions have Essentially two causes: “first of all, some of the countries, which are always there for the Bulk of the executions, such as Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, and Somalia have driven the application of the death penalty,” notes the organization. “On the other hand, the number of countries which have been known decreased that you have carried out executions.”

In the majority of the countries that condemn people to death or executed, will not be imposed the death penalty after the processes, the standards of international Law for a fair trial, the authors note. In some cases, based on judgments on statements that may have been extorted by torture or ill-treatment in Egypt, Bahrain, China, Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia.

Markus N. Beeko, Secretary General of Amnesty International in Germany, said: “The death penalty is cruel, inhumane, violates the right to life and against the spirit of the universal Declaration of human rights.” Two-thirds of States worldwide have abolished the death penalty or are no longer imposed.

But Amnesty I would have to document 2018 and setbacks, said Beeko of the German press Agency. In Thailand, the first execution took place accordingly, in June since 2009. Botswana (2), Sudan (2) Taiwan (1) lines fully stretched for the first Time after the 2016 re-executions.

“Where States retain the death penalty, should permeate the community of States, at least, that the peoples will be respected the legal prohibition of the sentencing and execution of Minors, and these judgments are converted”, so Beeko. “The rule of law Standards, such as the right to a hearing, access to legal counsel and a fair trial ensured, and independently verifiable, especially in States with the death penalty, the observance of the absolute torture prohibition and basic.” This was given in the very few countries that execute today.