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Amberger thrashing attack – deportation of the accused is not possible (18 and 19 o’clock)43-Year-old from Rostock disappeared – police ask for help (14.31 PM)Six Dead in train wreck in Denmark (10.25 a.m.) – report on the cause of the accident (10.51 PM)arrest warrant against motorists blocked after attack on Revelers in the Ruhr area (9.09 PM), Netflix, Comedy show, after criticism from Saudi Arabia (8.56 PM)Xi threatens Taiwan with violent “reunification” (6.48 PM)

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+++ 19.51 PM: Malta allowed the German refugee aid ships entering the port +++

After days on the high seas, the solution for dozens of refugees aboard two of the German rescuers operated auxiliary vessels: Malta agreed to let the two ships sail in. The reason is the deteriorating Situation on Board, the Maltese Navy said. Most of the a total of 49 refugees on Board suffered from sea-sickness. The “Sea-Watch 3” of the German NGO Sea Watch had to on 22. December 32 refugees in international waters in the Mediterranean sea rescued, including three small children, three unaccompanied young people and four women. Italy, Malta and Spain refused to leave the ship in a port. A ship of the German refugee aid organisation, the Sea-Eye had saved on Saturday 17 more in distress refugees in the Mediterranean sea.

+++ 19.48 watch: Kurdish troops pull out of town in Northern Syria from +++

After the threat of Turkey with a new Offensive in Northern Syria Kurdish forces are the Syrian government, according to the information from the city deducted Manbij. Around 400 fighters had been moved in to the Region East of the river Euphrates, informed the Ministry of defence in Damascus. The Syrian Observatory for human rights said that about 250 fighters of the Kurds referred to the Syrian Democratic forces (SDF) would have to leave the city. Hundreds of SDF supporters were still in Manbij. The military Council of the city dismissed the reports of a deduction.

+++ 19.22 hrs: A death in the sinking of a Taiwanese cargo ship from China +++

The sinking of a cargo ship off the Chinese coast at least one person has been killed and another ten are missing. The 80-metre-long boat from Taiwan sank about 170 kilometers from the city of Taizhou, such as the Xinhua news Agency reported citing the Maritime authority. On Board the freighter’s 14 crew were members from the Burmese, and Taiwanese. Five people were rescued, according to Xinhua, first from the sea, one of them died a short time later. Ten sailors were missing. The cause of the disaster was initially unclear.

+++ 19.05: “Chang’e 4” in the approach: China is to expect on the far side of the moon landing +++

the landing of The Chinese spacecraft “Chang’e 4” on the back side of the moon, according to a report by the Chinese state broadcaster CGTN this Thursday. Officially, China’s space Agency has not confirmed the date for the Touchdown of the unmanned lunar module. The maneuver succeeds, it would be the first Time a country reaches the level of the earth facing away from the side of the moon. After the Chinese moon goddess named “Chang’e 4” was on 8. December started. A robot vehicle to explore the surface and perform experiments. China has for years pursued an ambitious space program.

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