in need of care or whose nationals must always apply more money out of their own pocket for accommodation in homes for the elderly.

The national average has risen, the costs borne by the residents themselves, in January 2019 on the 1830 euros a month, the news magazine “der Spiegel” (Saturday) reports, citing new statistics from the Association of the substitute funds. This is an average increase in monthly costs in the amount of 58 euros, compared to January 2018. This sum consists of costs for accommodation, food and investment, as well as a care of own share of the home determines the cost (currently an average of 655 euros).

Last Tuesday, had already demanded by the consumers Central to Changes in the long-term care insurance to protect Affected from rising payments. “The care case, must no longer be the case for the Cost,” said the head of the consumer center Federal Association (vzbv), Klaus Müller. The services of the care insurance should be increased in future, therefore, automatically annually based on the inflation rate, and rising personnel costs. As for the statutory pensions and health insurance, the care insurance need a subsidy from tax money.

in need of care or family members must make an own contribution, because long-term care insurance – is wearing differently than the health insurance – only a part of the cost. Self-paid accommodation and meals in a nursing home need to be in addition to their own share the care, for example. The loads are depending on the state, but different high. Particularly deeply in need of care in North Rhine-Westphalia, have to reach into the bag, you have loads of 2252 euros on average. At the best Anhalt 1218 Euro in Saxony-Anhalt. Experts explain the different level of costs, but also with regional differences in wages and standards for the staffing.


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