The number of Koalas is decreasing already for a long time. In the meantime, the stock of the in Australia domestic animal is reduced to 80,000. The Australian Koala Foundation considers this to be insufficient to maintain the Population of wild marsupials alive. It explains the genre for “virtually extinct”. That means that Koalas play for the environment no matter have no fertile couple more or the number of replication-competent animals is so low that genetic heritage, illness would result. The Foundation reported that, since 2010, monitored 128 state election districts, the habitats are located in well-known Koala, and 41 of them no Koalas longer existed. While researchers say that Koalas umherzögen and their Patchwork of habitats values of their persecution is difficult, says the Foundation, the number of animals taking yet undetectable to dramatically.

Between 1890 and 1927, more than eight-million shot, which shall be Koalas have been to London shipped – because of their fur. 2016 investigations conducted in Australia, there are around 330,000 copies in the world. The Koala Foundation counted now, but only around 80,000 animals.

And what is it again? On climate change

The main threats to Koalas is the loss of their habitat as well as climate change-caused heat waves, showed how the studies were, in the past year, thousands of animals to dehydration and die. Since 2012, Koalas are officially listed in Queensland, New South Wales and the territory around Canberra as endangered. That means that their Population decreases rapidly or even from the doom threatened. While the animals in Victoria or South Australia are not listed as endangered, you know, that whole populations are extinct, although elsewhere still “relatively abundant”.

the President of The Koala Foundation, Deborah Tabart, turned to the policy: “I call on the new Prime Minister, to adopt, after the elections in may, the Koala protection act, which exists since 2016 in writing. The Plight of the Koalas is now in his Hand,” quoted the British “Daily Mail”.

source: Daily Mail