Michael Mathisen and Laura Wilder it is not enough, apparently, to enjoy the Ferris wheel is “just” the view. The 30-Year-old and one-year-older woman have been arrested on Thursday in Cincinnati, because you should have had Sex with a 45-Meter high “Sky Star”Ferris wheel.

Todd Schneider of “Sky Star”, told the “Cincinnati Enquirer”, the employees had discovered the Couple having Sex, as the gondola neared the ground. “The Couple took eye contact and then made easy,” said Schneider. The newspaper quotes court documents that the Couple was under the influence of intoxicants. Whether it was alcohol or other drugs, it is not clear from the newspaper report.

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In the court is accused of documents to the Couple to have Sex in front of the eyes of children. This had been in the crowd at the foot of the Ferris wheel, reported Schneider, after a moment, the Situation was over. The gondolas of the giant Ferris wheel have large Windows, so that the bystanders should have kept the Sex of the couple is hardly hidden. “It was just a stupid Situation,” Schneider said of the newspaper. You cannot hide in the gondola really.

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An employee of the travel business with an emergency button, stopped the Ferris wheel. A police officer out of service was as the first. The Couple was arrested. Both are accused of public indecency, Mathisen, in addition, that he was under the influence of intoxicants. Wild, according to the newspaper since Thursday at 23: 30, again at liberty, Mathisen since Friday afternoon.

Sex on the Ferris wheel is not the most Unusual?

It’s not the first incident of this kind, reported Schneider. “Sky Star” ‘ve been thinking about the Installation of surveillance cameras, but decided against it. “People do strange things in closed places,” said Schneider. Almost sounds like Sex on the Ferris wheel was not the most Unusual thing to have seen the “Sky Star”-employees.

sources: “Cincinnati Enquirer”, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, “Metro.co.uk”.