Hard TV-diet on Sunday evening in the ARD: “Tatort” will be killed without any Need, a dog brutally. “Anne Wants to be“ provoked, and in its consignment to the question: “Europe before the election – more EU or more nation-state?“ Background of the flaming appeal of the President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron, the States that Europe is in great danger, and a new beginning was required.

And: In ten weeks in Europe. 2014 had risen only 43 per cent of the Voting in Europe. Seem “far away” “the Brussels bureaucrats” to be for many people. “Complicated,” the European elections as such. Clear vote, however, in the TV round: The EU-supporters – with one exception – clearly in the majority. Alone on the question of how Europe let the future strengths and of what politicians in the EU countries the need to distance itself possibly (keyword: Viktor Orbán) had the participants in the discussion part, different views.


Manfred Weber (CSU), Chairman of the EPP group in the European Parliament, the top candidate of the EPP for the European elections. He says: “We live today in the best Europe we’ve ever had, we should appreciate the value.” the Yanis Varoufakis, the top candidate of the German list, “democracy in Europe” for the European elections and former Minister of Finance of Greece, not more demands: “We need Europe, we need a better Europe.” the Beatrix von Storch (AfD), Deputy Chairman of the parliamentary group can imagine the “Dexit“ as a last solution. She says: “The EU should not make so many decisions for Germany.“ the Christian Lindner (FDP), party Chairman and parliamentary group Chairman in the Bundestag is for a “new Mix of more similarities and a strengthening of the principle of self-responsibility in the EU”. the Cathrin KAHL far, for two years correspondent of the “süddeutsche Zeitung” in London. she says: “You have to inspire young people for the EU.”How was the discussion?

Amazing factual and largely without the usual shouting. As a Joker, the former Greek Finance Minister Varoufakis turned out. He turned again and again with a pithy statements, without having to be directly asked. He duzte FDP-Chef Lindner buddy-like and with a Smile, and criticized in the next breath, however, the German policy and in its dealings with Macron harsh: “you have him hugged to death,“ says Varoufakis. His Agenda is dead, “because the Establishment in Germany, it has been stabbed.“ Germany was now on the series, to give answers to pressing questions.

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer

CDU-Boss Macron: “Europe”, Monsieur le Président!

Under attack from all sides AfD representative Beatrix von Storch. Had to be taken described the EU as a necessary Evil (“So long as there decisions that we make, of course“), but more alone the “Dexit as the last solution“. Explicitly praised the foreclosure policy of the Italian Minister of the interior Matteo Salvini of the Lega Nord.

Christian Lindner countered that he was “of course for a common European border police and the Asylum system.“ Refugees were, exceptionally, not a big issue in the show, instead, Bald was again on the Brexit (Cathrin: “The British never wanted to be really like in the EU.“) and dealing with anti-EU parties such as Fidesz of Hungary’s head of state, Viktor Orbán, spoke. Manfred Weber, said undeterred, “building bridges in Europe“. Unfortunately, the discussion took only a short time before the end of the right travel – Anne Wants to minutes, plated and even three.

The swipes of the Evening

“What’s that supposed to then Bremen say?“ Christian Lindner asked his square neighbor, Beatrix von Storch. The had complained previously about the fact that Germany “only 96 deputies“ must choose into the EU Parliament, although it was so large. “How many do you want because, 700?” etched Lindner. Journalist Cathrin Kalhweit took, for its part, the FDP leader. The had had said in an Interview that climate protection is not a thing for students, but for professionals, which led to many critical comments in the Social media. “I would be delighted if my children would be,” countered Bald.

The findings in ThesenWir experience a splitting of the continent: The West on the one hand, and Central and Eastern Europe, on the other hand, Manfred Weber (CSU). “We are snooty, we will have to learn to listen. It is a drum, together with the important, political issues. The successful already, see the EU regulation against plastic waste.The Brexit will be an incredible blow for the EU, Yanis Varoufakis: “We must not say that The British alone have made mistakes.“ The EU must now work together to find answers. Varoufakis wants a “green New Deal as a solution“.As few decisions of the EU, Beatrix von Storch, wants to leave. “We don’t want to drive with the new authorities, the so-called harmonisation.“ Emmanuel Macron had only scorn: “He’s a Loser in his own country and wants to cast itself now as a winner.””Viktor Orbán builds for the past ten years of democracy in Hungary,“ says Cathrin Bald. He will go with currently being an Anti-EU campaign, but is, nevertheless, a member of the EPP’s Chairman Manfred Weber. Weber said, it will speak “this week with Orbán“. He did not stop the campaign, he could be excluded. “You need a lot of time for this“, said Varoufakis.A more Common approach in Europe – Yes, but also more regional self-responsibility, called for Christian Lindner. “If the private banks go bust, are not allowed to pay citizens for it.Conclusion

Europe may not be beat, in the end it is still a long time. The Belief that large political questions of our time at the national level, better, than, together, took, as expected, only AfD Verterterin Beatrix von Storch. They had it on this evening, however, it is difficult to find with their opinion heard. “In what century are you live in?“, wanted to know about Christian Lindner. “Not more Europe, but a “better Europe“ one had to aspire to, Yanis Varoufakis. Reminder: Like the look, must decide everyone eligible to vote: 25. May European elections.


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